What is the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) Curriculum?

The Queensland Certificate of Education, also known as the QCE, is a “senior secondary qualification” given in Queensland but also has the unique benefit of being internationally recognized. The QCE is a program of secondary schooling with a specific “set amount of learning, in the set standard, in a set pattern while students meet literacy and numeracy requirements.” Students must achieve these “set” benchmarks in order to be awarded a QCE.

Although students have a set standard and pattern to follow, the QCE gives students an opportunity to choose from a wide variety of learning options that best fits their interests and career goals.

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What are the key focuses of the QCE curriculum?

To prepare students for their education in years 11 and 12, and to help better equip them to accomplish their future education and career objectives, schools work with students and their families in year 10 to develop a SET (secondary education and training) plan. This SET plan enables students to track their progress during their education and ultimately their progress to achieving their QCE.

 Students are usually awarded their QCE at the end of year 12; however, students that do not meet their QCE requirements by the end of year 12, can continue to work towards their QCE by completing additional learning through vocational education and training.

International students who have finished their senior studies and wish to transfer to Queensland can use their credits already earned to contribute to the credits needed to be awarded a QCE. However, all credits earned from previous education is evaluated by the QCAA which then allocates the credits accordingly.

The QCE is governed by the QCAA (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority) which is responsible for developing syllabi, teaching and learning programs, providing resources and services to teachers, provides testing, assessment, moderation, certification, and vocational and education training services to Queensland’s education community.

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What is the grading system and assessment for QCE?

The Common Internal Assessment is a new system of testing students on their Essential English and Mathematics skills. The Essential English assessment is a 90-minute test in which students give short responses to stimulus. The Essential Mathematics is a 60-minute short responses assessment with simple familiar items and complex familiar and unfamiliar items.

The External Assessment is “common to all schools, administered under the same conditions, at the same time, and on the same day, developed and marked by the QCAA according to a commonly applied marking scheme.”

Achieving the QCE is relied upon completion and passing three internal assessments and one external assessment.

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