What is it like using a recruitment company for finding schools in China?

HiredinChina is an international education staffing agency that places educators into schools directly throughout Mainland China. You can read more about us on our ‘About’ Page. On this page will be giving you a detailed breakdown of what it is like working with a staffing agency in the education sector like us, offering insight to the whole process from applying and registering, to being placed directly in a school.

When working directly with HiredinChina you have the luxury of being employed directly by the school and can have interviews with lots of different schools that meet your requirements. At HiredinChina, we aim to understand your requirements, qualifications, and experience so that we can offer you vacancies that are tailored specifically to what you are looking for.

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What is the process for finding schools in China?

To start the process, you need to register with us via our Application Form, so we can understand everything we need to know to offer you the most suitable positions. After completion, we will email you asking for proof of qualifications and your CV. Like we make sure the schools are licensed to employ international teachers directly, we will do the same for all the teachers who work with to ensure the utmost efficiency and highest quality service. 

After we understand you are situation, we at HiredinChina will make recommendations personalized to you and then looked organize interviews with those schools directly. This would typically be through WeChat or Skype video call. You will be able to understand the school’s ideologies, where they geographically are, their curriculums, working environment and see pictures of the school before interviewing. You will also have available a full job description that the school has given to us, highlighting the key responsibilities and salary available.

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What happens when I find a school I like?

After you been introduced to the school and succeeded in their recruitment process,  it is then your responsibility to understand the contractual obligations you have, negotiate with the school, and start your employment there legally through obtaining a Z-VISA, or transferring your documentation. We can offer lots of support and resources via our website. Head over to our resources page to get access to the most popular FAQs people having for teaching in China.

What are the main benefits?

The main benefits of using our services at HiredinChina is that you will be able to reach your full salary potential and have a direct contractual relationship with the school. With HiredinChina it’s a completely free service for teachers, and we offer you a variety of opportunities to interview with different schools that could meet your requirements. The alternative option could be looking for schools yourself or to work with an agency that will employee directly and place you in a school themselves. Looking for a school directly could be very limiting given your busy schedule as a teacher and will not offer any financial benefit. Let us do the hard work for you. Working with an agency that employs you directly could also be limiting, especially from a financial perspective, as they will also look to profit from your employment and working relationship with the school.

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Access all our Teaching Vacancies in China on our ESL Job Board

Your FAQs

We’ve put together a Resources Page to answer your most frequent questions. From Saving Money, to Getting Your Z-VISA, we have gone into detail there.

Your school will apply for your VISA for you to work directly for them. We’ll be with you every step of the journey. We’ve created our own VISA Support Page. Remember, the VISA you’re applying for is a Z-VISA.

You will have a minimum of a one-year contract, that will be full-time. You can save a lot of money teaching in China, and we’ve put together more information for you to read.

When you are directly employed by the school, they will offer you insurance. This means private level care. Be sure to check your contract for sick days.

You will have to go through your bank to legitimately send money home. To do this, follow the steps they give you. Your school will help support you and will be able to translate anything you need.

That is fantastic news! Not speaking Chinese is great for your students, as you will be able to immerse them in English more. We’ve also put together an Essential Mandarin Guide, and Benefits For Learning Mandarin when you’re exploring.