What can International Teachers do in their summer break in China?

The summer break, traditionally four to six weeks long, allows international teachers the opportunity to do a myriad of activities, only restricted by one’s imagination. In this page, we look to provide you with some options and ideas for how best you could get the most out of your summer break in China. From travelling across the nation on a planned holiday, to improving yourself as an individual or teacher, there’s lots of scope to get the most out of your summer holiday.

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Planned and Paid Summer Trips

Etravel Club offer myriad of summer vacation opportunities that allow you to explore without having to do all the hard work yourself. They will be able to take you to Tibet or other culturally interesting locations from which you can just pay, relax, and enjoy the planned holiday. You will be able to meet other likeminded people throughout the summer, through their services, without worrying about where you are going next or what is on the itinerary. This is a fantastic opportunity to relax and enjoy your summer without the stress of being organised, as they can tell you exactly what to do and when.

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Can I fly back home in the summer break?

As the summer is four to six weeks you will also have the opportunity to fly back to your home country and enjoy some quality family time. We often find that teachers book their tickets well in advance, as they can then benefit from some truly fantastic deals through their favourite airline. Also, lots of teachers are typically quite sick of their family after four weeks and look to mix travelling in China with seeing the family within the summer holiday.

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How can I learn to improve myself as a teacher?

Doing a course is a great way to grow as an individual and to contribute to the Chinese education community more. Having four to six weeks off can allow you to focus on learning a new skill without doing fragmented studying, as you would within a typical semester. There are plenty of online courses to choose from, and this may be especially important if you are joining a new school from which they are teaching a different curriculum. It also gives you the opportunity to understand, through learning the course, what you like and dislike teaching. Some teachers prefer teaching the English national curriculum, whereas others may enjoy the inquiry-led concept-based curriculum from the International Baccalaureate. 

Leading from doing a course, and understanding likes and dislikes, the summer is a fantastic opportunity for reflection and planning the next academic year. Some philosophers argue that one can only learn through reflection, with others noting that the opposite of productivity is creativity. By not having anything planned, it will allow you to reflect on your previous academic year and understand the limitations of your current teaching practices. This will, therefore, allow you to highlight the weaknesses, realise what works, and progress into becoming a better international teacher in your subject area, by offering more creative and diverse lesson plans.

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Your FAQs

We’ve put together a Resources Page to answer your most frequent questions. From Saving Money, to Getting Your Z-VISA, we have gone into detail there.

Your school will apply for your VISA for you to work directly for them. We’ll be with you every step of the journey. We’ve created our own VISA Support Page. Remember, the VISA you’re applying for is a Z-VISA.

You will have a minimum of a one-year contract, that will be full-time. You can save a lot of money teaching in China, and we’ve put together more information for you to read.

When you are directly employed by the school, they will offer you insurance. This means private level care. Be sure to check your contract for sick days.

You will have to go through your bank to legitimately send money home. To do this, follow the steps they give you. Your school will help support you and will be able to translate anything you need.

That is fantastic news! Not speaking Chinese is great for your students, as you will be able to immerse them in English more. We’ve also put together an Essential Mandarin Guide, and Benefits For Learning Mandarin when you’re exploring.