What are the best tips for educators in China?

With over 20,000 teachers in Hangzhou alone, it is important to recognize that we are an interdependent society that can collectively benefit from each other’s skills and knowledge. Therefore, tip number one, is to ask questions or seek advice from other teachers, and aim to learn collectively. There are lots of useful online resources that will allow you as a teacher to interact with the teaching community globally and tap into other educators’ knowledge, which could be from social media platforms or dedicated websites. There is also the opportunity in China, to join or even create WeChat groups, for your subject area. From teaching IB PYP Kindergarten students, or high school science, there are lots of methods to collectively share useful information and support. You could share teaching plans, have weekly conference calls with other teachers in other cities, allowing you to be present within an interdependent educational community.

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How much do Chinese educators know?

Leading from tip one is another useful idea international teachers can benefit from, and that is to confer with Chinese educators in your school! From the principals who possibly have 10 years teaching experience, to the curriculum leaders, to other teachers within the school, Chinese teachers not only understand how to educate Chinese students but are also professionally educated to teach their subject area proficiently. If you are a TEFL teacher with an unrelated bachelor’s degree and find yourself in an educational establishment where you teach English as a second language, you will be surrounded by professional teachers who have spent years learning the best educational methods, and therefore have infinite resources and enthusiasm. You’ll be able to pick their brains and bring their best ideas to your classroom.

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Should I do external training?

The third top tip for educators in China is to educate yourself so you can continuously grow and offer greater value to your student community. From going to seminars to doing an online course, there are lots of resources that can help you synergistically combine external ideas with your teaching practices. Education is continuously developing in response to sociological and environmental influences, and it could always be beneficial to grasp new teaching practices and obtain new perspectives.

How can I make the best first impression?

Lastly, the fourth tip is for teachers who are at the beginning of their educational journey or believe they have plateaued and would like to add more value. There are lots to learn as a teacher, especially if you have not done your bachelor’s in it, or if your position requires you to teach a new curriculum. Start putting in extra hours outside of your school working day, to reflect on how things went for that day’s teaching and changing your plan for the next day. Reflection is a fantastic tool for continuously learning, and an extremely useful practice to implement when you have some quiet after everyone has left.

At HiredinChina, we believe these tips are fantastic to any educator, regardless of geographic location. These tips can be synergistically combined, rather than being used mutually exclusively, to provide even greater value to the quality of services you’re offering to your students and teaching community.

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Your FAQs

We’ve put together a Resources Page to answer your most frequent questions. From Saving Money, to Getting Your Z-VISA, we have gone into detail there.

Your school will apply for your VISA for you to work directly for them. We’ll be with you every step of the journey. We’ve created our own VISA Support Page. Remember, the VISA you’re applying for is a Z-VISA.

You will have a minimum of a one-year contract, that will be full-time. You can save a lot of money teaching in China, and we’ve put together more information for you to read.

When you are directly employed by the school, they will offer you insurance. This means private level care. Be sure to check your contract for sick days.

You will have to go through your bank to legitimately send money home. To do this, follow the steps they give you. Your school will help support you and will be able to translate anything you need.

That is fantastic news! Not speaking Chinese is great for your students, as you will be able to immerse them in English more. We’ve also put together an Essential Mandarin Guide, and Benefits For Learning Mandarin when you’re exploring.