Apply for 2019-2020 Teaching Positions

We’re now starting our application process, so you and other English or subject teachers can find your perfect role for the 2019-2020 academic year and be first in line to getting the best positions. Apply now by completing the form below with your requirements, CV and if possible, your introduction video, and we’ll contact you early in March with all our best availabilities for your situation.

Choosing the right teaching position

We have a variety of useful pages designed to help you choose the right city and school. You can experience the beach in Qingdao, multi-cultural living in Shanghai or have a short journey to Hong Kong by living in Shenzhen. In all the cities we have to offer, we have a myriad of positions. You can work as a subject teacher teaching your degree in Business, History, Art, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, and Music. You can also teach English and we have teaching roles across the age range, meaning you can help Kindergarten students at the start of their educational journey, all the way up to High School students looking to start University. The world is your oyster with HiredinChina, and we look forward to working with you.

HiredinChina Images – Teacher of the Year Mark Thaxter

You’ll need to be eligible for the Z-VISA to teach in China, meaning you’ll have to meet these requirements:

  1. Fluent English speaker with a clear and audible accent
  2. Bachelor’s degree or above (non-natives from an English-Speaking University)
  3. TEFL certificate, OR 2 years of teaching experience, OR English related degree
  4. Below the age of 60 years old in a healthy a fit state
  5. No criminal record

Legal Requirements

Application Form