Shanghai Zi Private School’s Unique ID: 2019022802

Job Description

  1. Hours Per Week: 15-18 Teaching hours with a 08:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday schedule
  2. Teach Social Science courses such as World History, European History, US History, Geography, Microeconomics or Macroeconomics to Grade 9-11 student
  3. Design syllabi, teaching plans, and assign & correct homework according to curricular requirements
  4. To take the responsibility of designing lesson plans and using school-approved teaching strategies, classroom resources and implement teaching research
  5. To provide a stimulating and effective learning environment for the students in supporting their learning thus encouraging students creative thinking and promote critical inquiry
  6. To maintain a close partnership with parents, colleagues and the community
  7. To provide both written reports and informal communications to parents on the growth progress and attainment of the students
  8. To create a safe and supportive classroom atmosphere that is conducive to effective teaching and learning
  9. Participate in student activities and school events
  10. Give demo classes and interview potential students on open-day activities


  1. Fluent English speaker with a clear and audible accent
  2. Bachelor’s degree or above (non-natives from an English-Speaking University)
  3. At least 2 years of relevant teaching experience is required, or a degree in a relevant subject area or a relevant teaching certificate
  4. The candidate should be motivated about teaching as well as living in a foreign country

School Preferences

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies or Social Science
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Education
  3. 2 years of teaching experience

Salary and Compensation

  1. A monthly salary of 22,000RMB to 24,000RMB every month (including a full salary for summer and winter holidays)
  2. Be housed on campus for convenience, or choose to access Shanghai Zi Private School’s 4,000RMB Housing allowance
  3. Medical insurance throughout Mainland China
  4. Flight reimbursement of up to 10,000RMB every year
  5. Gratuity based on evaluation (this can usually be one month’s salary)
  6. Free lunch at the campus
  7. Z-VISA Sponsorship and full support whilst going through the legal stages

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About Shanghai Zi Private School

Shanghai Zi Private School is located in Minhang District of Shanghai municipality. As a subsidiary of their International Education park, which is co-established by Minhang District Government and Shanghai Zizhu Hi-tech Zone, it offers a variety of academic programs, including university foundation programs, US school and AP program, A-Level & IB programs. Shanghai Private School also envisions itself as a platform of Sion-foreign exchange in teaching and learning.

About their Fairmont AP Center:
Fairmont AP Center is an initiative between Shanghai Zi Private School and Fairmont Private Schools in California, USA. The Center offers US school diploma program, following the California curriculum. Students study 2 or 3 years (Grade 9-11) in Shanghai and then transfer to California for their last year study (Grade 12).

About their EmLyon BBA Program:
EmLyon BBA Program is a collaborative program between Shanghai Zi Private School and EmLyon Business School from France. Students study in Shanghai for 2 years and then transfer to French campus for another 2 years. The credits earned in Shanghai shall be admitted by the French campus.