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Recruitment of School Principal, Shenzhen City International School, China


Supported by professionals from the Teacher College and Rita Gold Early Childhood Center of Columbia University, professionals from Manhattan School of Music and people from all walks of life, Shenzhen City International School was renamed in 2017. As a newly launched school, the school is now seeking an enthusiastic and highly experienced principal whose philosophy for elementary education is consistent with the School’s mission and core values. The position welcomes qualified individuals with school administrator’s license and/or other necessary credentials, as well as years of working and teaching experiences in the US elementary school systems. The major responsibilities we expect the candidate to perform is to improve the School’s overall instruction quality by bringing your in-depth understandings of the cutting-edge teaching management models in the US to our School. Moreover, since the School is under International Education Group Holdings, Ltd., it is also required to be operated in coordination with other kindergartens under the Group. Therefore, as the principal of the school, the School also expects the candidate to have some administrative experiences in kindergartens, which would be critical in your collaboration with kindergarten directors with regards to creating business plans, implementing marketing strategies, developing educational programs, improving instructional quality, and etc.



 The School is now recruiting a K-12 Principal who is required to reside in Shenzhen, China. The salary is competitive with a full benefits package provided. Moreover, commensurate with experience, the salary would be more generous for senior leaders in schools at the elementary, middle, and secondary level.



 Instructional Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement high-quality educational programs with innovation to maintain current enrolment and attract prospect students
  • Collaborate with teaching faculty to develop effective student-centred curricula for different subjects and monitor their implementation
  • Introduce up-to-date technology and teaching approaches to the School, and appropriately apply them to students of different grades and of different learning styles
  • Supervise instructional practices in different subjects by observing classes on a regular basis
  • Spot check and comment on lesson plans prepared by different subject teachers regularly, ensuring not only the quality of teaching but also the construction of a student-centred learning environment
  • Create and maintain a safe, equal, encouraging, and student-centred learning environment that is beneficial to both the cognitive development and the academic growth of children
  • Establish achievable goals and criteria to evaluate the teaching performance of all teaching staff, and develop an incentive system to motivate teachers to improve their teaching and foster better learning outcomes among students
  • Provide ongoing opportunities for professional development and skills training for all teachers and staff
  • Collaborate with the director and other teaching staff of the kindergarten under the Group to make sure the consistency of the curricula and the instructional styles so that students could make a smooth transition from kindergarten to elementary school under our school system


Management Responsibilities

  • Make strategic enrolment plans by reference to the current and past classroom attendance, open spaces, and the annual graduation rate from the Group’s kindergarten;
  • Manage school budget planning with consideration of student-staff ratio and resource allocation;
  • Recruit qualified staff as needed both for the present and for the future, and provide orientations and training to all new employees;
  • Establish health and safety procedures and monitor the corresponding training in case of emergency;
  • Organize community outreach activities and school events to leave a positive and reliable impression within the community, and build up the school’s reputation;
  • Maintain exceptional relationships with prospect and enrolled families through verbal communication, correspondence, family events, tours, and other kinds of positive interactions;
  • Handle and resolve conflicts occurring in the workplace or school setting in a timely and appropriate manner in order to maintain the positive image of school staff;




  • Master’s Degree in Education or a related field from an accredited institution;
  • Minimum of five years’ experience in school administration (Must be an Assistant Principal, Principal, Educational Administrator, or other positions as a leader at the level of elementary, middle, or secondary schools);
  • Minimum of three years’ full-time teaching experience in schools;
  • Must have some working experience in or close contact with kindergarten or childcare system;
  • Necessary credentials for being a qualified Principal are required;
  • Able to relocate to China;
  • A genuine interest in China, Chinese Culture, and Language;
  • Show respect and tolerance to cultural differences in order to instil team spirit;
  • Familiarity with the basic concepts in teaching such as teaching methods, teaching beliefs, teaching techniques, curriculum design, educational programs
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Exceptional organizational and multi-tasking skills;
  • Up-to-date proficiency with information technology and basic computer skills;





  • Full paid school holidays
  • Commercial Accidental insurance
  • Free Housing
  • Free Meals
  • Annual air ticket allowance
  • Contract Completion bonus
  • Visa assistance

*** The salary rate for the position will be based on the average US elementary principal’s salary. The payment of all the salary and benefits will be handled by the personnel in the US.


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About Shenzhen City International School

Under the environment of globalization, actively exploring modes of constructing regional elite education, connecting outstanding education teaching resources in Mainland China and overseas, and constructing inclusive and human-centred all-round education system have been the common topics for people who are devoted to promoting cultural exchange between China and the United States. Based on the educational concept of “Love and the Only”, Shenzhen City International School, which aims to build a new cultural bridge of friendship between China and the United States, was founded in Philadelphia in the 1990s. Started from “Princeton Greentree Kindergarten” in Philadelphia of the United States in 2006, it actively explored the opportunity of developing international school projects in Great China. In 2013, it set up in Shenzhen, a leading city of Chinese Economic Reform and Opening-up. In 2016, Shenzhen City International School established “Shenzhen International Academy (US)” in Philadelphia. “Shenzhen Bilingual School”, a K-12 school including kindergarten, primary and secondary sectors, was launched in Shenzhen OCT-East in 2018.