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Become a Kindergarten English And Montessori Teacher at Our Kids Kindergarten and Teach in Pudong, Shanghai!

Job Description

  1. Become a Kindergarten English teacher, Montessori teacher and Classroom Leader!
  2. Work at Our Kids Kindergarten from 08:30 to 17:00
  3. Have at the weekends off
  4. Teach approximately 16-20 Kindergarten students



  1. Responsible for both Montessori as well as Kindergarten English teaching; follow the Montessori teaching philosophy and school’s curriculum. Formulate teaching plans and implement them.
  2. Responsible for class meetings to determine the contents of the coming week’s work together with Chinese teachers and life teacher.
  3. Responsible for training and leading new teachers of the class as well as maintaining good communications with classroom teachers.
  4. Responsible for registration and keeping safe classroom property.
  5. Arrange and guide the daily kindergarten student’s daily routine.
  6. Ensure children’s safety and enhance their awareness of the school’s safety rules and policies.
  7. Follow the school’s rules and regulations; follow the code of conduct for kindergarten teachers.
  8. Follow the schedules and yearly staff calendar arrangements; cooperate to help school enrollment, parents’ meetings and school activities.
  9. Update the Communication Book daily or weekly, whilst maintaining good communication with parents.
  10. Other duties may apply according to final classroom assignments and arrangements.
  11. Teach a Montessori curriculum to Kindergarten students
  12. Engage in weekly meetings, academic meeting to discuss children’s progress, lesson planning and weekly reflection to stimulate improvement opportunities.
  13. Work cooperatively with the leadership Team
  14. Maintain an open line of communication with parents and provide appropriate information
  15. Bi-yearly parents’ meetings to discuss the progress of their child throughout the year
  16. Communicate via WeChat groups with parents to help aid progression outside of class
  17. Attend the Annual Parties: TGIF, X’MAS party.etc
  18. Their goals as a school are to have all the teachers involved in the school’s activities and be a part of the community of learning.


School Preferences

  1. Bachelor’s in education


Training and development

  1. Our Kids Kindergarten can provide professional Montessori training for 3 years after the Kindergarten teacher will get a certificate awarded by the American Montessori Society
  2. The school has experienced staff orientated in academic teaching and can provide guidance to staff to create effective lesson plans
  3. As a Kindergarten Teacher, you’ll have the opportunity to be promoted to lead teacher or academic director.
  4. Our Kids Kindergarten have weekly team meetings with all the teachers, to discuss areas of development, concern and improvement. They typically last 30-60 minutes through lunch and are considered as office hours.
  5. Teachers are always there to support each other, and we encourage an environment that allows for synergistic thought across the different educational disciplines.


Salary and compensation

  1. Base Salary of 15,000RMB to 20,000RMB
  2. Full private health insurance for the full contract length
  3. Housing allowance of 3,000-5,000RMB
  4. Fully furnished apartment with 2 bedrooms
  5. A return flight will be paid for at the end of each academic year, with a maximum cost of 10,000RMB
  6. Full legal working and residence permit upon arrival.
  7. There will be a year-end bonus for the teachers.
  8. 5 weeks paid vacations, which is 1 week X’Mas holiday, 2 weeks summer vacation and 2 weeks winter vacation.


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About Our Kids Kindergarten

In 2003, the first Montessori Academy (Montessori school) was born in Sydney, Australia. Today it has grown to a total of 23 prestigious schools throughout Sydney. It has become a locally recognized Montessori school brand well known for its stellar reputation and high standard of education.

In 2012, Daosen Zhou, one of the founders, came to China with his combination of International Montessori School experience, Montessori education curriculum, and organizational structured management model, holding the belief that every Chinese family would benefit from the Montessori philosophy of education. Across multiple Chinese cities, he went on to establish 11 new Montessori schools beautifully integrating a blend of Chinese and Western cultures.

In 2018, with his breadth of knowledge and insight into China’s developing communities Mr Zhou created his new concept schools and brand – Our Kids Kindergarten.

Our Kids Kindergarten goes beyond the original mode of traditional schools by bringing together community, families and schools. Our Kids Kindergarten does this through thoughtfully combining a comprehensive family centre facility and platform, offering not only after school activities to students but a full range of classes and workshops to parents and siblings. Our Kids Kindergarten is dedicated to building a close-knit community, centred around the schools.

At Our Kids Kindergarten school, we are dedicated to caring for each and every child as if they were our own. We are fully committed to helping each individual reach their fullest potential.

"You are here for a reason."