Shanghai Hong Private School’s ID: 2019030801


  1. Collaborate with different departments and coworkers of diverse backgrounds and experiences
  2. Create and prepare suitable lesson plans for the right level and be able to effectively manage the classroom
  3. Identify and select different instructional resources and methods to meet students’ varying needs
  4. Provide students with regular feedback and maintain communication with parents regarding homework and quiz grades
  5. Participate in department meetings, training and marketing activities


  1. Bachelor’s degree and two-year full-time teaching experience or Bachelor degree and TESOL/TEFL certificate
  2. Excellent communication skills with a native level English reading, writing and speaking ability and a strong command of English grammar
  3. A proven team player who can work effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and experiences
  4. Ability to spark intellectual curiosity in students and help students realize their full potential
  5. Patient with a positive attitude, responsible, creative, and empathetic



  1. Base Salary of 16,000RMB to 25,000RMB based on teaching experience and qualifications
  2. You will be entitled to reimbursement of apartment rent up to 4,000-6,000 RMB per month
  3. The reimbursement of your first arrival ticket to China will be paid in half after the probation period. The reimbursement of the return ticket will be paid at the end of the contract, up to a maximum of RMB 10,000
  4. You will enjoy a supplementary medical insurance
  5. Your VISA expense will be covered by the School.
  6. Vacations
    1. Three or four weeks of Winter vacation
    2. One and a half months of Summer vacation
    3. Ten days of fully paid sick leave per academic year


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About Shanghai Hong Private School

Founded in 2018 in Pudong District, Shanghai Hong Private School is a bilingual boarding school, which started with G1&G6 in September of 2018 and is developing A-level & IBDP high school in 2020. They offer students from grade one to six with a boarding school, bilingual environment. Their newly developed campus boasts modern facilities and a driven leadership team looking to become an exemplar of education within Shanghai. By being located between Biyun International Community and Shanghai Disneyland Resort, they are surrounded by prosperous communities like Tang Town and Zhangjiang high-tech park.
Shanghai Private School are now developing their student-centred approach into High School A-level and IBDP education and are looking for talented individuals and passionate teachers to join their team to provide an excellent standard of education.

“Education follows scientific theory. Innovation leads to development” - Ms Ren Guofang - General Principal
Ms Ren Guofang advocated the education philosophy as “High quality in teaching, less burden for students”, and she insisted to follow nature growth of teenage and scientific methods in education. Her education philosophy is well received by parents and the community. Nowadays, she takes the lead in fundamental education reform, matches the advanced education in the world, relies on advanced teaching methods, high standard quality positioning, and leads the innovation and development of Hongwen School with the scientific spirit.

“Return to the nature of education. Cultivate students for the future.” - Ms Hou Xiaobo (Harriet) the Executive Principal
Ms Hou started her career in the international education of Shanghai over 20 years ago. Her philosophy and practical way of combing East meets West, enable students to learn Chinese and western culture, provide pass-way into domestic and overseas university more competitively in the bilingual education.