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  1. Work with Principals and Coordinators, to ensure information literacy outcomes are a major school focus;
  2. As a School Librarian, you’ll be involved in school curriculum planning committee to be able to integrate Information Literacy program into the whole school curriculum – hence it is a Leadership Role;
  3. Raises staff awareness for the student’s need to acquire information skills and promotes resource-based learning in developing these skills;
  4. Selects the best possible resources for the school community to support Units of Inquiry across Curriculum thereby enhancing teaching and learning – (professional library training ranks them to the top for the selection of Resources and carry out this responsibility effectively)
  5. A School Librarian promoted the use of the information process as a framework for the development of information skills
  6. A School Librarian provides access to information resources through efficient and well-guided systems for organizing, retrieving and circulating resources;
  7. Provides training and assistance to students and staff in the effective use of these systems;
  8. Incorporates Information Resources, Systems and technologies for students and teachers in the context of curriculum programs;
  9. Provides specialist assistance to students using technology and information resources in and beyond the school and for independent research;
  10. Provides specialist assistance to students using the school information service facility for independent Reading, Writing and
  11. A School Librarian develops and implements strategies for evaluating the resource collection and for determining curriculum and student needs within the context of identified school priorities;
  12. Develop policies, procedures, and criteria for selecting resources which meet curriculum, informational and student recreational needs;
  13. Develop information systems and services responsive to student and teacher needs;
  14. Ensure that the day-to-day administration of the school information centre is efficient and that systems, resources, and equipment are well maintained;
  15. Develop budget estimates to ensure that teaching and learning requirements are met;
  16. Provide a stimulating, helpful environment which is a focal point and showcase for students’ learning achievements;
  17. Promotes the effective use of resources and information sources, systems and services both within and beyond the school.


  1. Competitive Salary for a School Librarian, from 16,500RMB to 28,000RMB based on experience and qualifications
  2. Housing Allowance 2500 RMB/month, Jiaxing Private school can help find accommodation
  3. Free meals provided
  4. Working visa provided
  5. Medical insurance provided
  6. Teaching books and material provided
  7. Full pay in winter holiday and summer holiday.
  8. Airfare Allowance 12,000RMB provided every year.
  9. Settling Allowance 6,500 RMB (first year only)
  10. Chinese national holidays provided
  11. Christmas holiday provided


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About Jiaxing Private School

Jiaxing Private School is an international new model of the school serving students from kindergarten through grade 12. The school is jointly funded by Beida Jade Bird Culture and Education Group and Jiaxing Economic Development Zone. The school is located at Jiaxing International Business Zone, covering an area of 100,000 square meters, with 120,000 square meters of construction area, and it accommodates up to 3,000 students.
Jiaxing Private School is an IB world school. The IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma Programme is an acknowledged leader in international education. The International School of Geneva (Ecolint) created the International Schools Examinations Syndicate (ISES) -later to become the IB, with UNESCO, the UN's International school, Geneva International School, University of Oxford, and so on. The programme encourages students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right. Compared with other international school graduates, students with the IB Diploma have an obvious competitive advantage in their application to the world's top 100 universities. For the last 10 years, the number of IB world schools has seen rapid growth. By 2014, the IB is in more than 150 countries around the world, with over 3900 schools and has trained more than 1 million students. There are nearly one thousand IB international schools in the Asia Pacific alone.
On 30th May 2017, Jiaxing Private School was authorized by the IB to headquarter to be the 4655th IB official school in the world. The IBIS school code is 052067. In China, only 92 schools have received this recognition and honour.

Jiaxing Private School Family:
Jiaxing Private School, approved and endorsed by Beijing University and Beijing Municipal Education Bureau in 2001, is co-founded by Beijing University and Beida Jade Bird Group. It is a K-12 continuum boarding school. The school adheres to the glorious tradition of "patriotism, progress, democracy and science”; carry forward the Jiaxing Private School spirits of "freedom of thought, inclusiveness”; adheres to the fine scholarship of "diligent, rigorous, realistic and innovative", fully relies on the advantages of their University, and its high-quality education resources, focuses on exploration and practice in the field of education.

Jiaxing Private School adopts the philosophy of "embracing the spirit of their University, broadening the nature of education", pays attention to every child for their inclusive education and personality development, to develop “virtues, talents, communication, aesthetics and physical capacity”, strives to build a modern elite school with Peking University spirit heritage, the heritage of Chinese traditional culture and sustainable development.

Jiaxing Private School stresses on internationalized and school-based curriculum with differentiated development, it’s family members including some excellent schools such as Jiaxing Private School at Beijing, at Nanning, at Zhuhai, at Chengdu etc.

So far, Jiaxing Private School has successfully founded nearly thirty schools in China, concentrated in North China, East China, Southern China and the Southwest region, forming a strong group of schools.

Philosophy, Mission & Objectives
Jiaxing Private School’s International Department’s Vision:
They will be defined as a school of excellence by each of the constituents of their school community.

They envision…
• A school which is innovative, offering students to become fluent in English by the time they reach the end of their Middle School years and the opportunity to engage in the IBDP program.
• A school in which every student has equal opportunities for success and for university admission, based on a variety of performance indicators
• A school meeting the needs of individual learners, rather than making the learner fit the system
• A school that allows teachers to teach the National Chinese Curriculum with enhanced international enrichment additions, in creative and motivating ways
• Students who will be well-rounded, community contributors armed with the academic and personal skills to succeed in the adult world and who see the relevance and purpose in their learning
• Staff who feel a high degree of purpose, job satisfaction, pride, and personal growth
• Parents who feel informed, valued, and satisfied
• A strong connection to the local communities and the perception that Jiaxing Private School represents ‘excellence’

Jiaxing Private School’s Mission Statement:
Their mission is to provide all of their students with opportunities to pursue academic and personal excellence in nurturing, national and international community environments.
Every Jiaxing Private School student will demonstrate the following:
• Effective Communication (the ability to exchange and present information through common use of symbols, signs and behaviour)
• High-Level Thinking (the ability to expand learning beyond simple knowledge and recall)
• A Solid Foundation of Knowledge (mastery of basic skills in all academic areas in order to integrate and apply skills in real-life situations)
• Positive Learning Attitudes and Behaviours (affective and behavioural processes and skills that develop personal responsibility within a learning environment leading to positive learning outcomes)
• Global and Community Appreciation (affective and behavioural processes and skills that develop an individual’s recognition of his or her role and responsibility within the family, the Jiaxing Private School school community, regional communities and the global community)