Shanghai He Private School – Middle School English Language Teacher: 2018111703

Position Title: English Language Teacher

Department: Middle School

Reports to: Head of English Department

Position Purpose: The Middle School English teacher has a responsibility for teaching 25 periods a week and for guiding students in their independent research projects. Be responsible for English activities required by the Head of English Department, student Advertisement, homeroom and area assigned duty.


Daily activities:

  1. Work from 07:50 from 16:30 Monday to Friday
  2. Teach the English Language to a maximum of 30 students
  3. Teach the English Language for under 16.6 hours/week or 25 forty-minute periods/week


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Teach Middle School English as assigned.
  2. Design a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Maintain lesson plans, semester plans and notes on learning and goals.
  3. Maintain an actively engaged classroom environment. Assess and document student work.
  4. Instruct and assess students and parents about student performance and behaviour. Participate in parent-teacher conferences as necessary.
  5. Sustain frequent contact with students and parents about student performance and behaviour. Participate in parent-teacher conferences as necessary.
  6. Write individualized advisee conference notes and student reports for each student at required periods during the year.
  7. Serve as an adviser and complete all activities and assignments related to this role.
  8. Share in duties like office clean-up, advisory service projects and other such tasks.
  9. Pursue professional development opportunities.
  10. Be willing to help plan chaperone students off-campus experiences.
  11. Participate in school events as requested by the Principal of the Middle School.
  12. Attend and support after-school activities and programs. (e.g. theatre and class program)
  13. Support the School’s commitment to diversity and multicultural education.
  14. Co-teach with local English teachers and work collaboratively with other colleagues in the Middle School and across the division.
  15. Complete required H.R. training each year.
  16. Attend English Department meetings the Head of English Department called.


Supervisory Responsibilities:

Supervise students in the classroom, on the grounds, and on the field trips or related experiences out of class.


Interpersonal Contacts:

  1. Must have strong interpersonal communication skills to use in working with students, parents, and colleagues.
  2. Must maintain appropriate contact with administers, colleagues and other staff.


Specific Job Skills:

  1. Thorough knowledge of English language pedagogy and the constructive approach to learning.
  2. Enjoy working with and have a thorough understanding of the specific developmental needs of teenagers.
  3. Experience with interactive whiteboards and other technological resources that enhance student learning and assessment.
  4. Ability to use a variety of assessment techniques and to demonstrate strong instructional and classroom management skills.
  5. Passion, compassion, flexibility and collaboration.
  6. Good organizational and communication skills.
  7. Ability to work effectively in challenging and stressful situations.



Bachelor’s degree required, Master degree preferred. TESOL/TEFOL required. Teaching Credentials from respectable universities preferred.


Salary and Compensation:

  1. As an English Language Teacher at Shanghai He Private School, you’ll be able to earn a salary of 16,000RMB to 21,000RMB before tax
  2. Full Private Health Insurance
  3. A Housing Allowance of 5,000RMB to 10,00RMB before tax
  4. A round trip flight will be paid for at the end of each academic year, with a maximum cost of 10,000RMB
  5. Residence permit reimbursement to be paid in RMB upon arrival.



Photos of Shanghai He Private School:


About Shanghai He Private School

Founded in 1996, Shanghai He Private School is a leader in bilingual education, in the vibrant international city of Shanghai, China. Shanghai He Private School is a private boarding school with full operational and financial independence authorized by its board of trustees, Shanghai Jinqiao Group, a major state-owned list company located in the Jin Qiao Green International Community, Pudong.

Each year, we educate more than 2200 students in four programs with student-centred education, grounded in a resilient educational philosophy with our mission statement: “Competitive World Citizens and Successful Life-long Learners Deeply Rooted in traditional Chinese Culture”. Shanghai He Private School encourages creative mindsets and abilities, pursuing high-quality teaching in core subjects that enable students to achieve high scores and aptitudes in four programs based here with dedicated faculty members who work closely with each student to achieve par excellence (from Pudong District Examinations and top TOEFL/SAT scores to outstanding academic performance and high entrance rate) into world’s top colleges and universities. Also, Shanghai He Private School awards more than 500 Diplomas, Certificates and Awards annually. Outstandingly, the graduation of our grade five and grade nine students stands at one hundred percent (100%) since the school’s inception with a “Grade A” rated top excellence, in Chinese, Maths and English. Successively since 2002, the middle school has led Pudong District in examination marks in every subject and grade levels and, 100% graduation rate and school entrance rate atop Pudong New District.

With an ethnically diverse faculty and student body, our educational objective strives to serve the needs of students’ life-long learning. We aim to cultivate well-rounded modern citizens characterized by global mindedness, self-discipline, solid and broad foundational knowledge and skills; sound mind and body, global moral character, individuality, creativity and speciality with Chinese and western cultural exchanges under the same roof.

Shanghai He Private School remains impressively steadfast with its unresolved contributions to education in Shanghai and continues to improve the international entrance to world’s top colleges and universities; the school aims to broaden its horizon to expand its academic excellence at the high school level, a bilingual institution with a community, global and personal touch.