Hangzhou Noble Kindergarten’s ID: 20193112101


Job Description:

  1. Become a Kindergarten Teacher at Hangzhou Noble Kindergarten
  2. Be present at Hangzhou Noble Kindergarten from 08:00 to 16:30 Monday to Friday
  3. Teach English to students ages 2 to 6 years old
  4. Teach approximately a Kindergarten class size of 20 children
  5. Teach direct ESL lessons to the children for approximately 30 minutes


  1. Immerse the students in an English speaking environment
  2. Work with your co-teacher to create a fun and interactive classroom environment
  3. Be a part of a growing international teaching team, and contribute to the development of the curriculum
  4. Maintain high levels of enthusiasm around the children


  1. Fluent English speaker with a clear and audible accent
  2. Bachelor’s degree or above (non-native English speakers need to have theirs from a native English-speaking country)
  3. TEFL certificate, OR 2 years of teaching experience, OR English related degree
  4. Below the age of 60 years old
  5. No criminal record


Hangzhou Noble School Preferences:

  1. Bachelor’s degree related to teaching young learners
  2. 2 years of teaching experience in a similar, Kindergarten teaching environment
  3. A very enthusiastic and energetic teacher


Salary and Compensation:

  1. As a Kindergarten Teacher at Hangzhou Noble Kindergarten, you’ll be able to earn a salary between 20,000RMB to 25,000RMB
  2. Full sponsorship of your Z-VISA
  3. Housing allowance of 2,5000RMB a month
  4. Enjoy a Flight reimbursement of 3,000RMB, after your contract has been completed
  5. Free lunch
  6. National holidays


Photos of Hangzhou Noble Kindergarten:


About Hangzhou Noble Kindergarten

Hangzhou Noble Kindergarten aims to give the best education to every child and accompany them on their journey of growing up healthy, happy and independent. They want to strive to make them their very best selves, whilst raising them as global citizens with an international vision. They are committed to creating an environment where cultures can blend, giving the feature education to future creators, who can synergistically take parts from a multicultural Kindergarten.

Hangzhou Noble Kindergarten Values:
Wisdom: Knowledge accumulation is the first step of preschool education, and children begin to construct their own knowledge of the world.

Freedom: Through the guidance of Chinese and international teachers, children at Hangzhou Noble Kindergarten begin to understand themselves and nature, and combine the Chinese and international methods of thinking to build their own spiritual world.

Kingdom: The accumulation of knowledge and the cultivation of independent thinking will enable children to better explore their potential, growing naturally into a better self, and creating a future belonging to their own.

Hangzhou Noble Kindergarten is located in the city of Hangzhou, close to Longfor Paradise Walk and Jinsha Lake subway station, with a beautiful environment and convenient transportation.