Job Title: K2 Kindergarten Teacher

School ID: 2018122902

School Title: Suzhou City Private School


General Rules:

  • Working hours: 7.45 a.m.-11.30 a.m., 14:15 p.m. – 16:30 p.m.
  • Working days: Monday to Friday, unless otherwise stipulated due to holidays.


Job Description:

Teach basic skills including letters, numbers, elemental natural and social science, music, art, literature and behavioural skills to children in the kindergarten phase to advance their physical, mental, and social development and maximize their potential in a positive and safe environment.


Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities (include but are not confined to):

  1. Plan a program that helps each student achieve learning objectives and curriculum goals, finish the weekly teaching plan
  2. Prepare lesson materials and resources
  3. Select and use instructional methods and materials appropriate to the students and learning activities
  4. Utilize games, music, books, art, technology and other resources to teach basic skills and foster student development
  5. Adapt standard teaching methods to meet different student needs and interests
  6. Create a positive and appropriate classroom environment that is conducive to learning, decorate the classrooms in accordance with the festivals and activities, change the décor on the wall at least twice a month
  7. Develop and implement a suitable classroom management system
  8. Establish and effect rules for acceptable behaviour
  9. Apply and follow up on approved disciplinary interventions
  10. Make referrals for assistance where necessary
  11. Instruct children on personal hygiene practices and self-care
  12. Encourage cooperative social behaviour through games and activities
  13. Provide constructive feedback to parents and guardians, finish a letter to parents every Thursday, including the content of the week, the plan for next week and the preparation children and parents need to do for the next week
  14. Conduct two assessment tests on children’s English ability at the beginning and in the middle of each semester respectively and write a report analyzing the test results accordingly
  15. Provide a comprehensive assessment to children at the end of the semester
  16. Hold a parents’ meeting with Chinese teachers every semester
  17. Demonstrate your teaching to parents during the ‘Open Day’ every semester
  18. Help with planning activities for western Chinese festivals, including proposing ideas, preparing materials, making PowerPoint slides, posters and décor
  19. Prepare and distribute written reports to administration, submit teaching plan for next week on Thursday to the headteacher
  20. Print out the weekly plan and put it on the notice-board of the classroom
  21. Plan and order classroom equipment and supplies in 2 weeks advance
  22. Perform required administrative duties including attending staff meetings chaired by the headteacher and director of the kindergarten each week, teaching activities held within the kindergarten and all staff (Chinese and foreign) meeting once a month
  23. Uphold the school code of conduct and all school policies, rules and procedures in a supportive and positive manner



  1. Bachelor’s in education
  2. 2 years of teaching experience in a relevant setting


Salary and Compensation

  1. As a Kindergarten Teacher, you’ll be able to earn a minimum salary of 14,000RMB
  2. Full private health insurance for the full contract length
  3. Housing allowance of 3,000RMB
  4. A return flight will be paid for at the end of each academic year, with a maximum cost of 10,000RMB
  5. Full Z-VISA reimbursement to be paid in RMB upon arrival.


Suzhou City Private School


About Suzhou City Private School

Established in 1994, Suzhou City Private School is located in Suzhou New District with an area of 17.13 acres. While being committed to making a difference to education, Suzhou City Private School is a well-known and highly acknowledged K-12 school, merging international curricula and programs with Chinese education. Currently, Suzhou City Private School has over 3000 students and over 400 teachers, including nearly 50 professionally qualified foreign teachers.

From kindergarten, elementary school to junior and senior high, Suzhou City Private School all have two different tracks, the Chinese curricula and international programs and curricula. These specialized tracks lead to a variety of classes, including International Class at the kindergarten level; International Class (IC) and Girls’ class at the primary level; Elite Girls’ class and Elite Boys’ class in junior high, and IGCSE (International General Certificate Of Secondary Education by Cambridge International Exams) class; A-level and AP programs in senior high. Also, in junior high, Suzhou City Private School started to teach second languages other than English to students in 2009. Now, Suzhou City Private School has Spanish, Japanese, German, Arabic and French classes to all the junior high students.

The quality of teaching at Suzhou City Private School is high. In every level of our school, the academic performance of our students is considered to be one of the best in Suzhou. They rank high in every test in New District, they always win the first prizes in different levels of competitions (provincial and national). The graduates from our senior high (both Chinese track and international track) are admitted by world-renowned universities both at home and abroad. They also pass different proficiency test of those minor languages. As a teacher, you are always so proud of our students’ academic score.

Students here in SLFS are also versatile. Ever since elementary, they start to learn to play a musical instrument, to dance and to sing. Also, they learn Chinese traditional skills like calligraphy, embroidery, engraving, pottery, paper-cutting and so on. They also have access to STEM courses. Suzhou City Private School have 3D printers and robots programs for students from all levels. They also take an active part in sports. Suzhou City Private School has a basketball and a football team and also a gymnastic team. It’s not surprising for teachers and parents of Suzhou City Private School to witness students winning different awards regarding art and sport.

Over the years Suzhou City Private School has hosted large numbers of international exchange students, as well as annually sending students overseas to benefit from these exchange programs. Suzhou City Private School is also committed to regularly sending faculty and staff to our sister schools to partake in educational exchange and training.

Campus activities here are rich and colourful. Suzhou City Private School has a tradition of holding four festivals every year, the Reading Festival, Foreign Languages Festival, Science-Technology and Sports Festival, and Art Festival. In these festivals, there will be specific activities for students from all levels to join.

In the campus, Suzhou City Private School has specialized extracurricular activity rooms and many student clubs that have developed students learning through independent research and their practical experience in social activities. Students taking initiatives through organizing and managing their clubs and initiating their work has effectively enhanced the development of healthy minds and bodies. Students learn to repay the community by doing voluntary teaching trips to remote villages in China every year. And they organize charity bazaars every year to collect money for migrant workers’ children in the district.

Suzhou City Private School is now marching on its way towards an educational group, in which Suzhou City Private School already have had two campuses, with one in Taizhou and another in Xiangcheng, Suzhou. All the schools in the group are under the guidance of our general principal Mr Dong Bin and follow the teaching philosophy and management mode of Suzhou City Private School. All in all, Suzhou City Private School is a highly recognized K-12 school, not only because of its outstanding teaching quality, excellent students, but also its diverse curricula and versatile student activities. It’s a place where thousands of dreams start, a place where students and faculty fight for their dreams.