Chongqing Private School’s ID: 2018121003


Job Description:

  1. Plan and develop lessons to students aged from 13 to 18 years old
  2. Lessons taught include IGCSE Biology, AS biology and A2 biology
  3. Evaluate student progress and provide ongoing guidance for improvement to students
  4. Participate in academic meetings, planning and organizing student activities,
  5. Open classes, festive performance and decoration, co-hosting events or school promotion with other biology teachers
  6. Take the responsibility as a coach and judge for school-based competitions, national or international as well
  7. Submit biology teaching plans, class observation records, and weekly feedback on students class performance
  8. Prepare and demonstrate biology experiments and homework to students, grade exam papers and provide experiments analysis.
  9. Be present at Chongqing Private School from 08:30 to 17:30, Monday to Friday.
  10. The start time at Chongqing Private School will be from 07:30 if there is a biology lesson within the first period.


Job Requirements:

  1. Fluent English speaker with a clear and audible accent
  2. A Bachelor’s degree or above, candidate holding a degree major in Biology, Biochemistry education or relevant is preferred.
  3. Minimum 3 years of high school IGCSE/A-Level Biology teaching experience.
  4. Passionate and Energetic in teaching.
  5. Responsible, reliable, punctual, patient and flexible.

Salary and Welfare:

  1. As an IGCSE and A-Level Biology Teacher at Chongqing Private School, you’ll be offered a salary between 20,000RMB to 26,000RMB monthly
  2. You’ll have winter, and summer breaks from which the salary will be paid in full
  3. Performance-based bonuses
  4. Have a free, independent off-campus accommodation (see images)
  5. Enjoy Chongqing Private School’s fantastic meal subsids for convenient eating
  6. There is an 8,000RMB Air-ticket allowance upon completion of your contract
  7. Private Health Insurance is provided


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About Chongqing Private School

Chongqing Private School is located in the beautiful Banan District and the shore of the charming Longzhou Bay. With a huge investment of one billion Yuan, the school is of high standard and level that can compare to their international equivalents.

Chongqing Private School is a “new school” with “old tradition”. Chongqing Private School not only absorbs the educational concepts of the University of Cambridge but also inherits the ideology of running school advocated by elite schools in China. It has been rooted in traditional Chinese culture while based on modern civilization. It has been devoted to high-grade national education while focusing on high-quality international education.

Chongqing Private School is a “modern school” with “international characteristics”. It is creating the country’s leading international education with a multilingual and transcultural learning environment, an expert teaching group with both domestic and foreign teachers as well as a “one-stop” all-round service system