Job Position: History Teacher

School ID: 2018102305

Start Date: August 2020


Job Description

  1. Become a History Teacher at Beijing International Preparatory School’s international department
  2. Be present at the school from 08:00 to 16:00
  3. The working week will be Monday to Friday, with the Weekends off
  4. Maximum class size of 15 students aged 11-17 for your History classes
  5. The History Teacher will be teaching for approximately no more than 24 class periods, and 40 min/class.
  6. The History Teacher will be required to plan all their classes in the office and will approximately spend 10-15 office hours doing this.
  7. Some of the office hours will be spent in team meetings, developing the curriculum, and preparing the students for their exams.
  8. Classroom fully equipped with computer, projector, blackboard
  9. Curriculum and teaching materials provided
  10. Follow the American classical curriculum



  1. Enthusiastic about History education, and love students
  2. Be able to teach in fluent English with a good accent.
  3. Be good at communicating with students
  4. No criminal record and violated records
  5. Be able to consecutively complete over one entire academic year in China.



To interview with this school, you must meet one of the three:

  1. Teaching related degree
  2. Original reference letter from current/former employers proving you have two years postgraduate teaching experience;
  3. Teaching certificate holder: TEFL/TESOL (at least 120 hrs), CELTA, DELTA, 2 years’ teaching experience.


Beijing International Preparatory School is looking for an enthusiastic Physics and Chemistry Teacher that views their role as important. They are hoping the Physics and Chemistry Teacher can match their style of pedagogy by allowing children to become inquisitive about Physics and Chemistry, and drive their interest through that inquisition.

Teachers are always there to support each other, and Beijing International Preparatory School encourages an environment that allows for synergistic thought across the different educational disciplines.


Salary And Benefits

  1. SALARY: 22,000RMB to 25,000RMB Before-tax (Super Excellent candidate can be renegotiated)
  2. PROBATIONARY PERIOD: 2 months from onboard date
  1. CONTRACT PERIOD: The contract period is one year above
  2. CAMPUS: Beijing
  3. PRE-EMPLOYMENT MEDICAL CHECK-UP: required before on board
  4. HEALTH INSURANCE: Insurance package fully offered
  5. HOUSING: Beijing International Preparatory School provides a two-bedroom furnished apartment suite to be shared by two people. If you come with a spouse who also works for the school, it will be a two-bedroom suite. Or they can provide a 2,000RMB Monthly housing allowance
  6. BONUS: There will be a competitive contractual bonus available, or we can sponsor further academic qualifications throughout the duration of the contract.


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About Beijing International Preparatory School

Beijing International Preparatory School is a classical school in Virginia and rated the top 10% best schools by ACT. In Beijing, they began to enrol the first batch of students for both middle and high school in 2015, from Grade 7 to 11, while Grade 12 students accomplish their final academic year in America. They completely employ the school-running model of Beijing International Preparatory School’s main campus in the U.S, which includes teachers, enrol system, teaching methods, textbooks, social activities, etc. They aim to create a quality liberal arts school of the classical education system in China, a quality learning environment, and a successful transition to our students who are going to study in the U.S universities.

Beijing International Preparatory School’s current teaching resources are mainly dispatched by their main campus, the other teachers are recruited by ourselves through reliable channels, all of them are conducting high performance on the classical education courses, and their professionalism has obtained remarkable satisfaction by students and parents.