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Position Overview:

This individual is a proactive member of the Canadian Private School teaching team. The Kindergarten Teacher has a key role in teaching and planning Canadian Private School programs at various centres locations in Guangzhou, China. The Kindergarten Teacher individual must showcase excellent classroom practice in early years education and a passion for the opportunities the program provides for children. Moreover,  the Kindergarten Teacher must work collaboratively and contribute to the development of teaching and planning materials. This individual must coordinate with the academic director and create lesson plans for the various programs. The Kindergarten Teacher must take on the role of a mentor; offering professional advice, mentoring and training to new teachers. This individual must demonstrate professional commitment towards the students, possess a great sense of collegiality, uphold the company standards and strive to make an impact in and out of the classroom


Basic Responsibilities of the Kindergarten Teacher:

  1. Teaching the Very Young Learners program, daycare English classes and the parent-child courses
  2. Maintaining the highest teaching standards and professional conduct
  3. Creating a safe, nurturing and learning environment
  4. Developing teaching plans and materials
  5. Modifying existing teaching material
  6. Conducting research on early education
  7. Liaising with Directors and Teachers to enhance programs
  8. Observing and training new teachers
  9. Evaluating teacher performance
  10. Representing the company at school and promotional events
  11. Maintaining a positive, professional attitude


Please see here for the full list of legal requirements to become a Kindergarten Teacher at Canadian Private School:

  1. Fluent English speaker with a clear and audible accent
  2. Bachelor’s degree or above (non-native English speakers need to have theirs from a native English-speaking country)
  3. TEFL certificate, OR 2 years of teaching experience, OR English related degree
  4. Below the age of 60 years old
  5. No criminal record


Salary and Compensation at Canadian Private School:

  1. Starting monthly salary of 15000 RMB – 17000 RMB (based on experience and education)
  2. One-year work contract
  3. Chinese Work Visa
  4. Furnished single accommodation OR housing allowance
  5. Airport pickup and settling assistance
  6. Health insurance
  7. Professional Development Opportunities
  8. Annual Bonus
  9. Opportunities for growth into higher leadership roles


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About Canadian Private School

Canadian Private School is a Canadian educational company specializing in North American early years and primary education programs. The company has two schools in Hamilton, Canada and an international office in Shanghai, China. Canadian Private School is a proud member of the NAEYC and the NDNA. They offer an array of English Language, Early Years, Daycare, Kindergarten and Parent-Child programs. Canadian Private School’ promotes holistic child development, student-centred classes and interactive curricula.

As they continue to grow and expand to teach more scholars in China, they are on the lookout for more teachers! As a member of the team, experience a leadership team acting as the backbone of teaching and learning. Canadian Private School is looking for creative, friendly, capable and responsible individuals to join their Guangzhou project. They are looking for educators who empower young learners, act as proactive team leaders and possess creativity in their work.