Hangzhou International Languages School’s ID: 20200116567

Job Description:

  1. Hangzhou International Languages School are looking for a German and ESL Teacher
  2. Be present at Hangzhou International Languages School from 08:00 to 17:00
  3. The working week for a German and ESL Teacher will be Monday to Friday, with the Weekends off
  4. Maximum class size of 30 students
  5. The German and ESL Teacher will be teaching for approximately 16-20 classes each week, with the majority of the classes as ESL
  6. The German and ESL Teacher will be required to plan all their classes in the office and will approximately spend 10-15 office hours doing this.
  7. Some of the office hours at Hangzhou International Languages School will be spent in team meetings, developing the curriculum, to have the students ready for their exam.


German and ESL Teacher Responsibilities:

  1. Design and follow complete teaching plans
  2. Undertake a variety of activities and instructional methods to motivate and stimulate children’s abilities
  3. Assess children’s performance and progress to ensure they are mastering skills on a regular basis
  4. Monitor children’s interactions and nurture cooperation and sharing
  5. Cooperate with administration staff
  6. Follow and comply with teaching standards and safety regulations set by Hangzhou International Languages School
  7. The German and ESL Teacher will create their own materials as supplemental support to the textbook Prima Deutsch für Jugendliche (Cornelsen)
  8. Themen aktuell (Hueber) Chinese staff uses
  9. Engage in staff meetings to discuss students’ progress, lesson planning and weekly reflection to stimulate improvement opportunities.
  10. Work cooperatively with the leadership Team
  11. Maintain an open line of communication with parents and provide appropriate information
  12. Bi-yearly parents’ meetings to discuss progress of their child throughout the year
  13. Communicate via WeChat groups with parents to help aid progression outside of class
  14. Engage in the yearly Christmas celebration play with the children
  15. Help the students after classes if they have questions
  16. Open elective courses (once a week)
  17. Hangzhou International Languages School have a Christmas, Chinese New Year, and Dragon Boat Festival party
  18. Our goals as a school is to have all the teachers involved in the school’s activities and be a part of the community.


Requirements for a German and ESL Teacher by Hangzhou International Languages School:

  1. Bachelor’s in education
  2. 2 years’ experience teaching German or ESL
  3. German/English language
  4. They’re looking for an enthusiastic German/ESL teacher that views their role as important. We’re hoping the teacher can match our style of pedagogy and drive their interest learning German and English.


Training and development for German and ESL Teachers:

  1. Hangzhou International Languages School have a curriculum designer that comes in to share ideas about how to develop efficient teaching styles
  2. They have also a trainer that develops teaching planning, by thinking about the desired short-term and long-term outcome before creating lessons
  3. The school has experienced staff in teaching German and English and can provide guidance to staff to create effective lesson plans
  4. Attend academic conferences and take responsibilities of leading Hangzhou International Languages School’s projects
  5. Hangzhou International Languages School have meetings with Chinese German teachers, to discuss areas of development, concern and improvement.
  6. German and ESL Teachers are always there to support each other, and they encourage an environment that allows for synergistic thought across the different educational disciplines.


Salary and compensation:

  1. As a German and ESL Teacher at Hangzhou International Languages School, you’ll earn between 20,000RMB to 25,000RMB Before tax
  2. Full private health insurance for the full contract length
  3. Housing allowance of 20,000RMB per year
  4. One bedroom/bathroom/balcony, furnished.
  5. A return flight will be paid for at the end of each academic year, with a maximum cost of 10,000RMB
  6. The teacher pays for applying for Z-VISA School will help the teacher apply for it in China.
  7. There will be a competitive contractual bonus available, or we can sponsor further academic qualifications throughout the duration of the contract.


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About Hangzhou International Languages School

Hangzhou International Languages School is a full-time private school. It was set up by the Jincheng Real Estate Group and managed by the Hangzhou Foreign Languages school. Hangzhou International Languages School’s building area is about 3,900 square metres. The school features verdant landscaping, elegant buildings, and advanced equipment. The middle and high school divisions include 1350 students, 175 full-time Chinese teachers, and 13 international faculty members. The faculty is highly qualified: all hold a bachelor’s degree, half of them hold a master’s degree, and 4 teachers hold a doctorate degree. In addition to the well-qualified teachers, the school’s reputation is enhanced by its diverse curriculums, international programs, and progressive educational philosophy.