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Join WordKey Training Centre and become an ESL Training Centre Teacher in Shenzhen!

Job Role & Purpose of the job:

  1. The ESL Training Centre Teacher is responsible for following the WordKey Training Centre system to deliver WordKey educational products and courses to students ranging from 2.5 years to 15 years with good quality and providing first-rate customer experience and positive image of the brand.


Teachers’ Work Ethic:

  1. ESL Training Centre Teachers are to be dedicated, responsible and united. Their work must fully reflect a sense of ownership and they must take responsibility for their teaching.
  2. ESL Training Centre Teachers must be passionate about education. They must be willing to work to develop and improve, receive feedback, share views with colleagues, encourage team spirit as a company in the centre and take responsibility for their teams and their teaching.


Main Responsibilities:

  1. Carry out the timetable of classes assigned by WordKey Training Centre
  2. As an ESL Training Centre Teacher, you’ll be responsible for daily teaching, including demos, regular classes and all other types of classes, and prepare for the classes and finish the classes with good quality.
  3. Begin and end classes on time.
  4. Be responsible for daily teaching service, including face to face, telephone and WeChat study follow up, and open classes.
  5. Be responsible for administering, correcting and recording the students’ progress reports, tests and assessments.
  6. Be responsible for students’ progress.
  7. Participate in R&D activities and join the discussion of new approaches for teaching.
  8. Mark the attendance for the students entering your ESL classroom
  9. Maintain student and class records
  10. Substitute for absent colleagues, perhaps at short notice, on or off-site
  11. Participate in the academic or marketing events, meeting or training. Complete relevant tasks assigned by WordKey Training Centre.
  12. Keep positive and professional lines of communication between parents, students, colleagues and all departments.
  13. Observe and be observed by WordKey Training Centre colleagues
  14. Be pro-active in improving teaching skills through sharing knowledge with colleagues, and using teaching resources found in the centre, Internet and any other available sources


Working hours and locations:

  1. ESL Training Centre Teachers will be required to work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.
  2. Weekdays: 13:00-21:00, 2 consecutive days off during the weekdays (Mondays to Fridays), may have morning and afternoon shifts during the summer course or winter course time.
  3. Weekends: 8 hours a day. Morning/afternoon shifts. 8:30-16:30 or 9:45-17:45 or 13:00-21:00
  4. ESL Training Centre Teachers may have teaching duties in the centre or off-site.
  5. The actual working schedule shall be arranged by WordKey Training Centre.
  6. Teachers work for 40 hours per week.
  7. Academic hours refers to classroom teaching hours, 1 academic hour is equal to 40 mins.
  8. If the teacher is required to work on a non-working day, he/she is entitled to claim the overtime or get paid for working extra hours.
  9. Teachers can be assigned to any of the WordKey Training Centres within the city but would generally be based in one centre.


Career Plan:

  1. ESL Training Centre Teachers can develop his/her teaching skills and progress to a teaching position, or other interest areas within the organization.


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About WordKey Training Centre

WordKey Training Centres were founded in 2007 in the UK and have been dedicated to English language training, overseas study and other international education projects for many years
WordKey education has in-depth cooperation in the academic field with several World's leading educational publisher and assisted National Geographic in the writing of the Look Series in 2018. Meanwhile, the company also contributed to the development of assessment standards of the Pearson Test of English Young Learners.
WordKey Education has a strong International consulting team, professional local and foreign teachers and curriculum development team who developed a series of curriculum and The Chel-C Framework for Reading in alignment with The Lexile Framework for Reading.
WordKey Education Young Learners English Training Centre was established in 2010 in Shenzhen with the goal of providing standard and comprehensive English training services to Chinese young learners. WordKey Education Young Learners English Training Centres are certified English schools that have a Teaching License issued by the local Bureau of Education and teach in alignment with Pearson's global standards. Through our well-rounded course services, the ultimate framework for reading, as well as our systematic research projects, we strongly guarantee an immersive environment for Chinese young learners to learn English in an authentic way.

KESDC System (Learning-Experience-Practicing-Testing) is a high-efficiency learning system introduced by WordKey Education through many years of educational research. Through the STEAM teaching model (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics), it incorporates a variety of practical courses into the diverse English environment in which the students can develop comprehensively. The communication skill developed through the learning can be practised and reinforced by the Study Abroad Program and Family Camp Program through which the students can apply what they have learnt. After the learning stage, students can evaluate English skills through international young children's English level examination PTE, GESE and others and set learning objective for the next stage. It enables students to systematically master international communication skills and learn to see the world in English.

Requirements for all vacancies advertised by WordKey Training Centres:
1. English Speaker with clear pronunciation;
2. An enthusiastic and passionate approach to teaching kids;
3. Bachelor’s degree or above;
4. A TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate;
5. The ability to obtain a clear background check.