Hangzhou Bilingual School’s ID: 20190512629

Job Description

  1. Become an ESL Kindergarten Teacher at Hangzhou Bilingual School
  2. As an ESL Kindergarten Teacher, you’ll be contributing, daily, to the improvement and development of Hangzhou Bilingual School’s research and curriculum
  3. As a Kindergarten Teacher, you’ll be teaching a maximum of 20 ESL lessons weekly
  4. These 20 ESL classes will be broken down into four sets of children
  5. Kindergarteners will be 5 years old
  6. Participate in other school activities and take other work responsibilities as needed


Major responsibilities

  1. Undertake ESL Kindergarten teaching, including a series of teaching activities such as preparing lessons, lectures, tutoring, designing and correcting assessments.
  2. While undertaking teaching and research activities, be prepared to reflect on daily teaching to improve the quality of your social studies lessons.
  3. Be prepared to develop and improve school-based ESL curricular.
  4. As an ESL teacher, be prepared to participate in the daily management of students, including early morning reading, self-study, English day, assembly, etc. You will be responsible to organize students to participate in various school activities.
  5. Contact parents in regard to their academic growth as well as their psychological wellbeing.
  6. Be flexible with the school’s arrangements, be prepared to help with other responsibilities such as admissions promotion, organizing academic competitions, etc.


Requirements from Hangzhou Bilingual School

  1. Holder of bachelor’s degree in education or something relating to teaching Kindergarten students
  2. Excellent communication skills and a public presence which engender respect and trust from students and parents is a must.
  3. A detail-oriented person with excellent time management and editing skills.


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About Hangzhou Bilingual School

Their Schools are comprised of their Bilingual School and their International School located on a shared campus in Hangzhou, China. They offer internationalized education to Chinese national and international students Kindergarten through Grade 9 in a dynamic inquiry-based environment. They are committed to producing the next generation of global citizens who not only have a deep knowledge of Chinese culture and values but are also members of the international community and can facilitate cultural and intellectual dialogue.

Wahaha Bilingual School:
Established in 2014, their Bilingual School is a non-profit bilingual school located in Hangzhou, serving students in Kindergarten through Grade 9. They help our students find their strengths, distinguish themselves from others, and become the best version of themselves. They provide our students with a solid grasp of knowledge and a comprehensive appreciation of Chinese culture, while also offering our students the best of internationalized education. They inspire students to be lifelong learners and develop resourcefulness and creativity, while at the same time cultivating essential skills, such as reasoning, critical analysis, self-discipline and cooperation.

About their Hangzhou Campus:
Established in 2015, their International School is a non-profit, English language immersion international school located in Hangzhou, serving students in Kindergarten through Grade 9. In their state-of-the-art campus, they offer their students a rich, fully international, IB (International Baccalaureate) based curriculum complemented by a strong and vibrant Chinese language and culture program. Through their unique curriculum, they develop in their students the creativity, critical thinking and reasoning skills that are essential for success in today’s and tomorrow’s rapidly developing marketplace of ideas and innovation.