Qingdao City International School’s ID: 2018121203

Become an ESL International Primary School Teacher at Qingdao City International School in Qingdao!

Main Responsibilities

  1. Conduct English classes and work with Chinese co-teachers collaboratively to create effective lesson and semester plans
  2. Prepare occasional open classes, school events and English-speaking activities (Earth Day, Carnival Day, etc.)
  3. Prepare lesson plans and use a variety of visual aids, textbooks and creative projects
  4. Grade homework, tests and complete regular progress reports
  5. Attend weekly staff meetings
  6. Encourage children throughout the learning process and maintain a positive classroom environment.
  7. Attending field day trips to off-site locations as needed
  8. Encourage children throughout the learning process and maintaining a positive classroom environment.
  9. Put together informative and engaging lesson plans for your subjects
  10. Use a variety of visual aids, textbooks and creative projects to gain student involvement

Other duties may include

  1. Making administrative and budget decisions
  2. Chaperoning classes and trips
  3. Prioritizing teaching methods
  4. Completing parent and student counselling
  5. Enforcing rules and disciplinary action
  6. Lecturing and discussing concepts
  7. Preparing material for presentations
  8. Recordkeeping student activities in accordance with laws and school policies

The Day to Day

  1. Work Schedule: Mon-Fri 7:50 am–4:30 pm
  2. One-hour lunch break included; teachers can have two early days leave at 3:30 pm
  3. Teaching hours: No more than 22 teaching periods
  4. Location: Shibei District, Qingdao, Shandong (Downtown area of Qingdao)

Compensation and Benefits

  1. A salary of 15,000RMB/month + housing allowance 3,000RMB/month (before tax)
  2. Free lunch provided
  3. Medical insurance provided
  4. Airfare reimbursed after one year contract (9,000RMB)
  5. Legal work visa
  6. Paid holidays: Chinese government holidays, about one month off in the winter, and about two
  7. Months off in the summer (during winter and summer vacation time, teachers will receive a half amount of their salary)


  1. Fluent English Speaker with a clear and audible accent
  2. 2+ years of classroom teaching experience is preferred
  3. BA degree or above (Degree in education preferred )
  4. TESOL/TEFL certification
  5. Acceptance of the Chinese culture
  6. The ideal candidate must be a serious, career-oriented teacher with a stable personal life. Bring a willingness to combine their western expertise with Chinese culture to present the best of both worlds for the students.


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About Qingdao City International School

Qingdao City International School is in central Qingdao City, Shandong Province, is a fulltime private school, with well-equipped teaching facilities spread across two campuses. The primary and secondary departments are made up of more than sixty different classes. The student of over 1,200 participates in small-group classes facilitated by over two hundred teachers.

Based on more than a decade’s experience focused on self-development, innovation and a multi-level avant-garde direction, Qingdao City International School has created its own unique education model. Based on traditional education, the student experience is complemented by its proprietary curriculum of equal parts inspiration and international character. It has created its own miracles one by one, guided by its aim of being a school of unique Chinese characteristic and international quality.

Qingdao City International School provides a diverse learning environment welcoming student from all backgrounds. A Grand student is a traveller on a unique education journey, immersed in both Eastern and Western cultures, acquiring a high proficiency in English and Chinese, unified at a high international standard. Grand students gain a new, profound appreciation of the two spectrums, and more than 70% of them are accepted to the top 100 American universities.