Beijing International School’s ID: 2018072001


Job Description:

  1. Become an English Language And Homeroom Teacher for students in Elementary School
  2. Be present at Beijing International School from 07:30 to 17:30
  3. The working week will be Monday to Friday, with the Weekends off
  4. As an English Language Teacher, you’ll have a maximum class size of 24 students
  5. The English teacher will be teaching for approximately 15-20 classes, or no more than 24 hours a week
  6. Office hours are required
  7. Some of the office hours will be spent in team meetings, English Club, developing the curriculum, to have the students ready for their TOFEL or IELTS exam.



  1. Design and follow complete teaching plans
  2. Undertake a variety of activities and instructional methods to motivate and stimulate children’s abilities
  3. Assess children’s performance and progress to ensure they are mastering skills on a regular basis
  4. Monitor children’s interactions and nurture cooperation and sharing
  5. Cooperate with administration staff
  6. Follow and comply with teaching standards and safety regulations
  7. Follow the school’s own curriculum for Elementary Teaching
  8. Engage in weekly meetings with the rest of the staff to discuss children’s progress, lesson planning and weekly reflection to stimulate improvement opportunities.
  9. Work cooperatively with the Leadership Team
  10. Maintain an open line of communication with parents and provide appropriate information
  11. Bi-yearly parents’ meetings to discuss the progress of their child throughout the year
  12. Communicate via WeChat groups with parents to help aid progression outside of class
  13. Engage in the yearly Christmas celebration play with the children
  14. Raise the flag each Monday with the whole school
  15. We have a teachers’ party before the Chinese New Year that all the teachers celebrate.

Our goals as a school are to have all the teachers involved in the school’s activities and be a part of the community of learning. Yes, we want an English teacher, but more we want your personality to shine through our school and leave a fantastically positive impact.


School Preferences:

  1. The English Language Teacher will have a major in Education or English Language Teaching
  2. Beijing International School would like the teacher to have a minimum of 2 year’s teaching experience
  3. The English Teacher is already in China and understands Chinese culture

We’re looking for an enthusiastic English Language teacher that views their role as important. We’re hoping the teacher can match our style of pedagogy by allowing children to become inquisitive about English and driving their interest through that inquisition.


Training and development:

  1. Bi-yearly, Beijing International School has a curriculum designer that visits to share ideas about how to develop efficient teaching styles
  2. Beijing International School also has a trainer that develops teaching planning, by thinking about the desired short-term and long-term outcome before creating lessons
  3. The school has experienced staff orientated in English Education and can provide guidance to staff to create effective lesson plans
  4. Beijing International School has weekly team meetings with all the teachers, to discuss areas of development, concern and improvement. They typically last 1 hour through lunch and are considered as office hours.
  5. Teachers are always there to support each other, and we encourage an environment that allows for synergistic thought across the different educational disciplines.


Salary and Compensation:

  1. As an English Language Teacher at Beijing International School, you’ll be offered a salary between 22,000RMB to 23,000RMB before tax
  2. Basic private health insurance for the full contract length
  3. Housing allowance of 4,000RMB or a free apartment on Campus. Please see the images in this job description for the apartment provided.
  4. A return flight will be paid for at the end of each academic year, with a maximum cost of 10,000RMB
  5. The Z-VISA Fee will be paid upon arrival.
  6. There will be a competitive contractual bonus available, or we can sponsor further academic qualifications throughout the duration of the contract.


Photos of Beijing International School


About Beijing International School

Education Goals: To nurture students into citizens with patriotism, international perspective and intercultural communication skills

School Goal: To build an international school favoured by all students, perfected by ever-improving teachers, approved by all parents and recognized by the general public

Education Philosophy: To create an education system which helps students to find their own further development.

Founded in 1993, Beijing International School boasts the first new-type boarding school featuring “endorsed by the government, financed by the enterprise and organized by experts” nationwide. In April 2010, under the authorization of the government of Haidian District, Beijing, the school acquired its new name. In June, 2011,the school held its opening ceremony and officially transformed into the first international school in Haidian District, Beijing. Located at Enjizhuang, Haidian District, the school occupies an area of 88,000 square kilometres with 51,586 square kilometres of school buildings and dormitories. Encompassing three departments ranging from Primary School to Junior and Senior High Schools, the school has over 2000 students in total.

Following the school motto of “To be a proud Chinese” and adhering to the belief of “to nurture students into citizens with patriotism, international perspective and intercultural communication skills”, the school invites the national renowned Beijing National Day School for collaborative activities, introducing the latter’s rules and regulations, management flow, evaluation system and quality education and research resources. Moreover, the school has gone beyond China to work with Fairmont Private School in the United States and has established the “Sino-America High School Curriculum Cooperation Program”, drawing on the America courses and evaluation systems, which has laid a solid foundation for its students to pursue overseas higher education.

Integrating quality education resources both home and abroad, the school has made as its orientation “carrying forward the quintessence of the Chinese culture, combining the advanced courses both in China and America so as to cater for China’s high school students”, created a complete curriculum featuring independent, diversified, comprehensive and elective courses and established an integrated system of “century courses” embracing national courses, international courses and school-based courses. With the complementary collaboration of a horizontal series of courses spanning the whole school life of children from elementary years all the way up to Senior High School and a vertical line of “Twenty Consistent Curricula”, the school has built a sophisticated network of courses with a view to fostering all-round students with each individual’s distinctive growth. In an effort to offer efficient classes with small sizes, the school has implemented a full-curriculum mode with spontaneous learning throughout the day, student’s voluntary selecting courses and attending classes correspondingly and teaching in accordance to stratified classes. Meanwhile, the school has also introduced and perfected the tutorial system and formative assessment. A full-WiFi coverage campus, the school has initiated iPad-assisted teaching and thus pioneered in international education with its advanced OTO teaching mode. Thanks to the agreeable and decent campus, initiative and progressive learning culture, the school is bound to foster all-round students with sustainable individual development as well as boosted overall quality.

The school has made remarkable achievements so far. The past years have witnessed top-ranking of both the graduation performance test of Primary school and Junior high school in Haidian District, Beijing. In the public satisfaction poll of compulsory educational schools held by Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the school won a far better score than the average of the Beijing City and Haidian District. Senior high school students have carved their way to world-leading universities in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and so on. The school is honoured by the Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China as “National Research and Development Base for all Backbone Teachers in Curriculum Reform”, by China Association for Non-Government Education as “Advanced School in Building Characteristics” and “Model School for Running and Management”, by Beijing Municipal Education Commission as “Advanced Unit of Beijing Non-Government Education” and “Outstanding School of Beijing Non-Government Primary and High Schools”, by Chinese Teachers as “National Top Ten Model School of Curriculum Reform”, by Haidian District Education Commission as “Experimental School for Internationalizing Rudimentary Education Pilot Research Project”, “Advanced School for Educational Research” and “Advanced School for Campus Culture Cultivation”, to name just a few.