Hangzhou Culture And Design’s ID: 20191211142

Job Description:

  1. Become an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Lecturer
  2. To contribute to the effective provision of specific modules and programmes
  3. To work collaboratively with other academics and support staff in the Centre to develop students’ English language proficiency
  4. Study skills so that they can perform effectively on courses in an English-speaking university environment. Teaching should be underpinned by appropriate research and scholarly activity.
  5. To embrace fully the Centre’s objectives and ensure, with the resources available, the best possible learning experience and progression opportunities for the Centre’s students.
  6. Teach from the hours of 09:00 to 17:00 with some requirements to exceed this



Note: precise responsibilities may vary from time-to-time to meet the needs of the Centre:

  1. Contributing to a positive and supportive learning environment by using effective teaching strategies and promoting learning consistent with student needs.
  2. Contributing positively and appropriately as a member of the academic faculty, programme teams and the Centre in all academic-related activities.
  3. To design and teach lessons at the appropriate level and quality as required by EAP curricula. You may also be required from time-to-time to contribute to or lead modules and programmes.
  4. To work collaboratively with others to support students in their learning and development of appropriate study skills and subject-specific knowledge. relating to business, art and design, research methods and cognate subjects.
  5. To design and mark formative assessments and monitor students’ learning, in conjunction with other lecturers where appropriate.
  6. To engage pro-actively with partners, viz. NCUK (Northern Consortium UK) and external organisations as required.
  7. To be involved in setting, invigilating, and marking examinations when required.
  8. To undertake research and scholarly activity relevant to EAP and its application to programmes offered by the Centre and the wider research objectives of the Centre.
  9. To maintain accurate records of student performance and of teaching and learning activity. To monitor student attendance and, as required, to prepare appropriate reports.
  10. To participate, as required, in meetings associated with the operation and management of programmes.
  11. To offer pastoral care tutorials to a group of students: to monitor their progress, to guide them on development of independent learning skills and time management, to advise on appropriate social skills for living in the UK or other countries with universities in the NCUK network and to offer support and academic counselling where required.
  12. To be responsible for the safekeeping of any equipment, books or other Centre resources used in connection with academic and administrative activities and to observe all health and safety requirements.
  13. If required, to participate in promotional and marketing activities related to the programmes offered by the Centre.
  14. To support and contribute fully to the activities of the Centre relating to its involvement in the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) and associated networks
  15. To carry out any other duties commensurate with this post as required by the Executive Director of the Centre or nominee.


Qualifications: Essential

  1. First degree or equivalent in cognate area; Masters degree; professional qualification e.g. TOEFL or equivalent


Qualifications: Desirable

  1. PhD; professional body qualification of relevance to the programmes offered by the Centre


Minimum Legal Requirements to teach EAP:

  1. Fluent English speaker with a clear and audible accent
  2. Bachelor’s degree or above (non-native English speakers need to have theirs from a native English-speaking country)
  3. TEFL certificate, OR 2 years of teaching experience, OR English related degree
  4. Below the age of 60 years old
  5. No criminal record


Essential Skills and Experience:

  1. Minimum of two years’ experience of teaching English in middle school or college
  2. The ability to contribute to integrated teaching across curricula.
  3. Demonstrable ability to undertake research and scholarly activity.
  4. Demonstrable cross-cultural awareness and understanding.
  5. A commitment to teamwork, to working flexibly and to seeking solutions to problems.
  6. Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills including fluency in English.
  7. Competence in the effective use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT).


Preferred Skills and Experience:

  1. Knowledge or prior experience of British programmes
  2. Practical industry experience
  3. Record of publishing research in international
  4. Specific experience of education in China.
  5. An understanding of UK higher education and the needs and requirements of international students.
  6. Experience in the development of academic programmes.
  7. Experience of academic assessment and standards and quality assurance procedures.
  8. Experience of teaching non-native speakers of English.

Salary and Compensation:

  1. A salary of 18,000RMB to 25,000RMB based on qualifications and experience
  2. Full Medical Insurance for Mainland China is provided
  3. A housing allowance of 5,000RMB Monthly
  4. A maximum spend of 10,000RMB annually for flight reimbursement
  5. Z-VISA Support



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About Hangzhou Culture And Design

The Hangzhou Culture And Design was founded in 1987 as a non-profit organisation designed to help international students gain British education. It was established by high-quality universities in northern England and is one of the earliest examples of transnational education.

Hangzhou Culture And Design has a unique position in UK higher education. Their courses are accredited not only by their member universities but also by most other universities in the UK (including many within the research-led Russell Group of universities) and universities in other countries. Compared with other courses, Hangzhou Culture And Design’s prepare their students for better university success. The courses are offered by Hangzhou Culture And Design’s Centres around the world, including China. One of the most recently-approved and high-quality Centres is Hangzhou Culture And Design Centre in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou Culture And Design was first franchised Centre in Zhejiang Province to offer Hangzhou Culture And Design programmes (see below), was established in 2019 with the strong support of a number of organisations, reflecting the international aspirations of Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou City Government to introduce international high-quality education resources and strengthen international education collaboration and exchange.

The Centre reflects the world-class standards of a British education. It comprises an international mix of faculty and internationally-educated support staff. Students experience small-class teaching, supported by senior foreign experts. They have a highly-qualified and experienced faculty and rigorous quality assurance and enhancement to ensure that students benefit from the same high-quality, higher education as in the UK and internationally.

Hangzhou Culture And Design Centre Hangzhou Location:
1. Located in Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang Province, a beautiful and historic city.
2. It is only three subway stations away from Hangzhou's internationally-renowned West Lake, designated in 2011 as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Hangzhou Culture And Design Centre Hangzhou Environment:

1. Located in a newly-renovated teaching building, equipped with advanced teaching equipment providing students with an international-standard learning environment and preparing them for progress to top international universities in the UK and around the world.
2. Located in the campus of Zhejiang Gongshang University, a safe and friendly environment with excellent accommodation, catering and fitness facilities meeting the needs of a diverse range of students.

Hangzhou Culture And Design Centre Hangzhou Education Quality:
1. The Centre offers Hangzhou Culture And Design programmes which are highly-regarded around the world. Upon successful completion of a programme, students are guaranteed admission to an Hangzhou Culture And Design university.
2. Learning materials in English
3. Students experience international teaching methods and benefit from comprehensive academic support.
4. The Centre offers Masterclasses, by practitioners and international Professors who are very pleased regularly to share their knowledge and experience with students.
5. The Centre has created a highly international teaching and support staff team, all of whom have British and/or American higher education degrees, more than half of whom graduated from the top 100 universities in the world and have Master's degrees or above.

Hangzhou Culture And Design Centre Hangzhou International Collaboration:
1. The Centre is one of Hangzhou Culture And Design’s global centres, part of a global network of world-class universities.
2. Together with Hangzhou Culture And Design’s leading universities, the Centre is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), reflecting its determination to work together to develop responsible citizens and managers and to contribute to the advancement of the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development. While teaching their students, they strive to make every student a responsible global citizen.
3. The Centre is the Chinese base for Cambridge Scholars Publishing, headquartered in Newcastle, UK. This enables a close relationship with famous scholars in China and abroad.