Suzhou International School’s ID: 2018112806

Job Description:

  1. Become an A-Level Mathematics Teacher at Suzhou International School and teach students from 15-17 years old
  2. Teach A-Level Mathematics and attend the students’ CIE Examination
  3. Be present at Suzhou International School from 08:00-17:30, Monday to Friday
  4. The Mathematics teacher has the opportunity to leave at 17:00 if there are no scheduled Mathematics lessons on the last period of the day
  5. Teach A-Level Mathematics for a maximum of 20 hours a week



  1. Work cooperatively amongst the teaching team at Suzhou International School and be a collaborative team player
  2. Ensure your A-Level Mathematics lessons reach a broad range of understanding abilities


Qualification Requirements set by Suzhou International School:

  1. At least one of the following certificates: TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, PGCE, Licensed Teaching Certificate
  2. At least a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics
  3. A minimum of 2 years’ experience teaching the A-Level Mathematics Curriculum
  4. No Criminal Record


Salary and Compensation:

  1. As a Mathematics Teacher, you’ll be able to earn between 22,000RMB to 30,000RMB at Suzhou International School, mediated by your teaching experience and educational background.
  2. An Academic Year bonus equal to one-month salary will be paid in the middle of July
  3. School holidays are fully paid, with a 2-3-week bonus
  4. There is a 5-6 week summer holiday if the holiday is within the contractual period.
  5. Christmas Holidays from the 21st of December to 25th of December
  6. An annual airfare of 10,000RMB, provided annually
  7. For the first semester only, Suzhou International School offers 5,000RMB support for relocation, regardless of location.
  8. A free, single apartment is provided, with a bedroom, living room, separated bathroom and balcony.
  9. Medical Insurance is covered across Mainland China
  10. The school can offer 600RMB monthly for cafeteria meals via a payment card
  11. Within two years of teaching Mathematics at Suzhou International School can get a 60% off discount for your children’s tuition, whereas above two years teaching Mathematics at Suzhou International School can get you 80% discount for your children’s tuition.


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About Suzhou International School

Suzhou International School is a full-time international school established under the cooperation among the Wujiang People’s Government of Suzhou, Beijing Foreign Studies University, and TIANWU Group, integrating five divisions: kindergarten, primary, junior high, senior high, and international. Located at the Suzhou Bay of Tai Lake, Suzhou International School is known as the Eton in China, the PASS base of BFSU, a model school featured in foreign languages and the benchmark of international schools around Yangtze River Delta.

Currently, there are around 24 international teachers from all over the world teaching at Suzhou International School, where there are dormitories, a dining hall, and gym centre.

With the slogan of “Come Here, Go Further”, the school aims to cultivate physically and mentally well-developed students with exceptional academic achievements, refined manners and leadership, Chinese culture as national groundwork, as well as with international vision.