Chongqing International School’s ID: 2019010301

Become an A-Level, AP and IFY Chemistry Teacher at Chongqing International School!


Job description

  1. Teach A-Level, AP and IFY Chemistry to High School Students at Chongqing International School
  2. To provide the best possible teaching and learning environment for the students
  3. To facilitate the attainment of each student’s full potential and develop non-academic as well as academic skills via the teaching of the subject
  4. Student age group: Year 10-12 (Age 16-18)
  5. Class length will be typically 40 minutes long, with 15-25 students per class
  6. There will be no more than 22 teaching hours per week
  7. Working hour: 09:00-17:30 (Monday – Thursday), 09:00-16:30 (Friday)



  1. Strong academic background, AP/A-Level/IFY Chemistry teaching background
  2. Bachelor degree or above that are related to Chemistry or to teaching Chemistry
  3. A recognized teaching qualification
  4. At least 2 years’ Experience in teaching post 16 students Chemistry
  5. Experience of working with ESL students is advantageous
  6. A friendly, patient personality, sensitive to the needs of a diverse group of students
  7. Passionate about teaching Chemistry and dedicated to student outcomes, setting high academic achievement expectations


Preferences for teaching Chemistry at Chongqing International School

  1. TEFL qualification
  2. High tiered University of degrees


Salary and compensation

  1. Earn a basic salary of 25,000RMB to 30,000RMB before tax
  2. Enjoy the weekends off
  3. Paid vacation for Winter, Summer holidays, Statutory holidays and Christmas
  4. There is a two-month probation period which will be fully paid
  5. ≤10,000RMB flight allowance for one academic year
  6. ≤2,000RMB luggage allowance for the first flight to China
  7. International teachers are required to rent an apartment themselves
  8. Full health insurance is provided
  9. Free school meals are provided


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About Chongqing International School

Founded in 1931, Chongqing Middle School is one of the most prestigious middle schools in Chongqing, a southwest municipality with a population of over 30 million. The school has a long history and tradition of outstanding achievement. Directly under the supervision of Chongqing’s Department of Education, the school is comprised of six large campuses, enrolling over 12,000 students and employing approximately 600 certified faculty members.

Chongqing International School is the dedicated international campus of Chongqing Middle School. Established with a global mission in mind, the Board of Directors of Chongqing No.1 Middle School chartered CQ No.1 ISS in 2001 under the authority of Chongqing’s Department of Education.

In the school’s initial launch, it implemented the International Foundation Year (IFY) program, a one-year university preparatory course accredited by the Northern Consortium of the United Kingdom (NCUK), serving students with a conduit for matriculation in British and Australian universities. In 2010 and 2012, CQ No.1 ISS added the A-level and AP programs respectively, further broadening the scope of prospective universities for matriculation internationally.