Suji's Teaching Experience in China

Kindergarten Teacher - Ningbo

I’m Sujatha. I’m an Indian by nationality. As like in most of our lives there came a monumental task time in my life too “choosing a career”. I decided to try a variety of experience before I choose my career. My first experience was with machines as an “Electronic engineer”. My second experience was with computer as a “Computer Engineer”. My third experience was with little hearts as an “English Teacher”. I realized the happiness which I found in my third experience was missing in the first two experience. That’s the point, where teaching become my career choice and passion.

Choosing a career in teaching can be very rewarding but choosing to be an ESL teacher has its own unique attractions. From then I started my career as an ESL Teacher. I had been worked in Thailand, India and now currently in China. It has almost been a year now since I have been in China as an ESL Teacher. In the beginning, I had decided to go back to India in 2019. But the beauty of China, the people of China, the respect they give for the teaching profession, the pure loving kids all made my mind to continue 2019 also in China as an ESL Teacher.

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