Stefano Chin's Teaching Experience in China

Primary School Teacher - Wenzhou

Why I came to China?

My adventure in China began as a result of my oldest brother who had been a Teacher in Shenzhen for about 3 years before; he encouraged me to come to China and become an English Teacher, and from that day forward, that has been my goal. I’ve watched many YouTube videos, Teacher Testimonials and researched ESL Teaching jobs in China and have become more and more aware of the great opportunities and benefits of being an ESL Teacher in China. Other reasons for coming to China were my love for travelling, gaining new experiences and cultural exchange, particularly learning Chinese.

How has Teaching Been for Me?

Teaching in China has so far been a really wonderful experience for me; the interaction with the kids and just being in such a new environment is truly amazing. It has also helped me to improve my Chinese because I am able to incorporate what I have learnt in my lessons and also communicate with the students, this way, I learn from them also. The kids are really great, polite and helpful. They love to learn about me and speak English with me.

Teaching in China has also improved my Teaching and Management skills, my confidence as a fairly new ESL Teacher in the field, my travel experience and also greatly improved my marketability and employability.

I’m really glad I took the step forward and made the decision to come to China because this is an experience, I had to have for myself; hearing about it from others and seeing it on Television would never be as fulfilling as living each and every day.

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