Peter's Teaching Experience in China

Teaching in China since 2016

I’m Peter,

I’m from the beautiful country of Nigeria, an aspiring youth. Over the past couple years I’ve been in China, with the aims of furthering my education, acquiring more skills in my field. China is an amazing country and has provided be the opportunity to tutor in several training/language centres as well as kindergartens, and I must confess that I’ve had fantastic experiences in all these.

The Chinese over the years have decided to broaden their knowledge to learn more about English and this has made the kids enrol for English courses. My encounter with Chinese students have been superb so far with them having a great zeal in learning, the high school/grades students tend to not only be interested in the language learning rather most are also fascinated about foreign culture and want to know more.

On the other hand, the smaller pupils (Kindergartens) tend to be entirely new to the language and sometimes it’s challenging to get them used to you as a foreign teacher but in any case, these pupils require lots of patience and love, and in all sincerity,  they are amazing and fun to tutor. They key is to make them get your attention by making the lesson a whole lot of fun.

In essence, English Teaching in China is a really a great experience, and anyone will find fun in his/her stay in China.

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