David Lambert's Teaching Experience in China

Grade 3 Teacher - Hangzhou

Back in 2005 when I was in my last year of college, I did a three-month teaching practice in Portugal and I decided that I didn’t want to start my teaching career under a church tower in Belgium. I was 24 and wanted to see the world. So I started applying for jobs. One school replied and I got a job offer right away. It was late in the hiring season and I had no experience, so I took the offer and ended up in Chengdu in August 2005. I didn’t know anything about China, let alone Chengdu. But I was ready for an adventure.

My first day was probably one of the worst days I had in China, after that everything became much smoother. In the meantime, I have worked in five different international schools in three different cities. All cities have been great to live in. First there was Chengdu, at the time I arrived a foreigner was very exotic for the locals and people would stare and point at you whenever you walked down the street. I saw it change over the years. The city had and still has a rich culture and you learn to appreciate the flavourful kitchen of Sichuan. Next there was Zhuhai, the Florida of China. Less crowded and much cleaner air made for a great change. And the now it’s my second year in Shenzhen; a city that is where new technology is invented, and the modern architecture is rising up like mushrooms.

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