Charlie Petite's Teaching Experience in China

English Teacher - Suzhou

I’m Charlie. I have a PGCE, CELTA and 5 years’ experience teaching languages in England, Thailand and China. I’ve been living and working in Suzhou for about a year and a half. I chose to move to China for several reasons. Firstly, it’s a huge country so I wanted to live here and use my city as a base to travel to as many places as possible. It’s also much more convenient to travel here when you’re equipped with their many useful payment and taxi apps.

Secondly, I wanted a home in Asia to experience a totally different culture to my own. If you’re the sort of person who enjoys putting yourself out of your comfort zone, then you’ll certainly love experiencing the culture shock that China offers.

Thirdly, I chose China because I wanted to learn basic Mandarin. Although learning Chinese is far from easy, it’s definitely worth the effort because it will allow you to travel around the country more easily and have a connection with the many Chinese people you meet around the world.

Finally, I wanted to live somewhere where the ratio of salary to cost of living was more competitive. Now, I can save a lot more money than I was ever able to while teaching in London. It enables me to live a comfortable lifestyle and save up for the next adventure.

If you’re an ESL teacher and interested in new resources for your students, feel free to check out my teacher Facebook page for links to useful websites and materials.

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