Apply to be Teacher of the Year

‘Teacher of the Year’ is very important to HiredinChina, as we enjoy sharing the success stories of teachers who are doing the extra, the unasked and who are pushing the boundaries of English as a second language learning. We view this as greatly significant, as we hope to inspire others, allow people to synergise ideas and create a community of teachers who are proud of showing their passion for teaching through the English language. We hope, by acting as a medium, we can share success stories to encourage others and enable them to create greater benefits for their community. A ‘Teacher of the Year’ shows passion for teaching, is enthusiastic about their role and understands how important it is to do their best consistently for the benefit of their language learners.

Why Gerhard Opperman 2018-2019?

Gerhard Opperman grew away from a difficult environment in South Africa and fought the norms. He grew up in a violent area where a lot of his influences were not positive towards his progression.

Gerhard learnt that becoming a teacher was a fantastic way forwards and has since taught Kindergarten in Hangzhou. View Gerhard’s ‘Teacher of the Year’ page for more information.

Gerhard Opperman Teacher of the Year 2018 to 2019

Why Mark Thaxter 2017-2018?

Mark showed his enthusiasm for  teaching English through his online content that allowed the whole globe to learn English with him. We announced Mark as English ‘Teacher of the Year’ because he created imaginative content that was both high in quality and very energetic, important for his target audience of young learners. What impressed us more, however, is Mark’s use of songs, short class lessons, his own tailored content and how he even adapted his lessons in his daily classes before showing them to the wider public. This showed foresight as Mark tweaked and improved his content for the benefit of the viewer. View Mark’s ‘Teacher of the Year’ Page. 

Mark Thaxter Playing Guitar



You show energy and enthusiasm for teaching in China.


Your application for the award you provide must be from the 2019-2020 academic year.


Applications must be made from within Mainland China.


You provide value to second language learners over a duration and not just a one-off event.


You can benefit any number of people.


You can teach any subject using the English language or teach English as a second language.

Apply to be Teacher of the Year Criteria Image-1

The winner of ‘Teacher of the Year’ will get a webpage showcasing their benefit to English language learners with graphical representations and written explanations of why they are ‘Teacher of the Year’. Then, we’ll share this across social media, allowing everyone to see the benefit they have added to their community. We will also, if the winner has LinkedIn, provide them with a recommendation highlighting their skills and qualities towards learning English as a second language. This will be an excellent feature on anyone’s CV, especially with a webpage lasting indefinitely on our company’s website.

Why Apply?


  1. Beautifully taken photos and if possible, video content showing you in action of why you’re ‘Teacher of the Year’. (We’ll ask you to send these across via email)
  2. A written description the provides context, explaining the reasons for your actions.
  3. A short biography of about yourself and how you became a teacher in China

Application Rules & Deadline

You can apply up to a maximum of two times and we will use your latest application for the competition. You must fully complete the application and provide as much information as possible.

Application Form