Mark Thaxter

English Teacher of the Year 2017 – 2018

HiredinChina is proud to announce that Mark Thaxter is ‘English Teacher of the Year’ after his successful placement in Hangzhou and his creativity within the educational music realm. Mark has not only added value to the children’s lives of his current kindergarten but has contributed globally to the study of English by releasing catchy music videos and online lessons.

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Watch Mark’s creative song “Hello, How are you?” on YouTube. For all those inside China, please view the video on Youku.

Non-Profit Aid - Nepal

Graduating in 2016 with a First-Class Honours degree in Music Management from Buckinghamshire University, Mark first tried his hand in the music industry before finding his passion for teaching. Working in various roles at festivals and events during the 2016 festival season Mark soon sought a more adventurous career and had his first taste of Asia when he began a placement in Nepal with the non-governmental organisation Raleigh.

His placement involved working closely with local entrepreneurs and facilitating specific training classes to aid with the growth of their businesses. His time in Asia left a lasting impression and left him dreaming of a new life abroad.



Teaching Music in America​

After his time in Nepal came to a close, Mark was recruited to teach music in America for an iconic summer camp with over one hundred years of history. He quickly felt at home in this historic location and found a new passion combining his love of music with teaching. 

Teaching at an American summer camp provided Mark with some excellent first steps in the world of education, to which he comments “I think one of the most important things I learned in America is that teaching should be an enjoyable experience where students actively enjoy their education. Learning shouldn’t be a chore”.

Whilst teaching in the states, Mark worked with a fellow music teacher, who suggested teaching English abroad. The job profile fit Mark’s love of adventure and new found passion for teaching, so he enrolled in his TEFL course and began his journey of returning to Asia later in the year.

“I think one of the most important things I learned in America is that teaching should be an enjoyable experience where students actively enjoy their education”.

Teaching English in China​

After considering many options, Mark decided China’s bustling metropolis of Hangzhou would be perfect for him and arrived in early December 2017 to start work at one of the city’s best new Kindergartens.

Since arriving in China, he has flourished as an English teacher and has stuck with his ethos of making education an enjoyable experience. By using interactive games and dances he manages to facilitate a fun and productive learning environment for his classes.

Mark has also used his previous music experience as a valuable teaching aid, and these efforts have not gone unnoticed by the Kindergarten, with Mark now leading English sing-alongs for the entire school.

“What started as singing English songs on the guitar with one class has now turned into a daily, full school performance!”

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