Living in Suzhou

“Venice of the East” – Marco Polo


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Who's Suzhou for?

The second largest city in its province, and 42% water, Suzhou is a city for those who appreciate the beautiful architecture that has been sculpted in its over 2,500-year history. Suzhou is a city of greenery, rivers, ponds and mild-temperatures all year-round.

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The Sights of Suzhou

Influenced greatly by its long history, Suzhou has many tourist attractions to visit and is one of the most popular cities in China. Follow the Yangtze River as it takes you on a journey around the city, and explore its culture through food vendors, architecture, world heritage sites and bustling city lifestyle.

Grand Buddha

South of Longshan Mountain, visit one of the largest Buddhas in China and a culturally inspiring location, with many temples to enter.

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Shantang Street

Popular with tourists, Shantang Street is the poster child of Suzhou. Walk parallel to the Yangtze River and enjoy traditional Suzhou food with excellent views.

Lingering Garden

Occupying 23,300 square feet, the Lingering Garden was recorded by UNESCO as a world heritage site, and for good reason. Its 400-hundred-year history has led each owner aiming for perfection and thus combines a myriad of trees, flowers, ponds and architecture influenced by the Qing Dynasty.

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Interesting facts

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Tiger Hill

Three days after King He Lu was buried by his son (496BC) at the top of the hill, a white tiger came and sat on the grave as if he was guarding it. From that day forth, the hill was named Tiger Hill.

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Lake Tai

At 2,250km2 Lake Tai is the third biggest lake in China. It holds over 90 small islands and is heavily polluted by manufacturing.

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Tower Bridge

Copying the Tower Bridge, London in 2012, this architectural feat attracts many tourists and wedding photographers looking for European-style photos.

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