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China’s Business Capital

TLI Mandarin

Established in 1956, TLI has lead Mandarin Education in Shenzhen for over 60 years. They have their own  innovative teaching materials, an experienced team and home-made custom teaching methods.


Wechat: TLI-Shenzhen1

Hanbridge Mandarin

With bilingual teachers and a strong commitment to your success, Hanbridge Mandarin aim to be the bridge for you, connecting you to Chinese culture through learning Mandarin.


Founded in 2007, Move2China now has over 10 years of experience placing English speakers in high quality apartments throughout Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai. 


Tel: +86 21-33722221

Who's Shenzhen for?

Shenzhen is a multi-cultural mega-city bringing tech graduates and international corporations from all over the globe to it’s golden gates. Shenzhen has seen large success since the 1980s and it’s skyline shows, with large glistening buildings and fantastic architecture like the Shenzhen Museum. However, Shenzhen is much more than live-to-work, and offers a fantastic art community, nightlife, and oozes a variety of multi-cultural food from around the world.

Who’s Shenzhen For

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The Sights of Shenzhen

The main attraction of Shenzhen is the centre’s glistening skyline of contemporary buildings, with something thought-provoking to see around every corner.

Lizhi Park

In the centre of the city, Lizhi Park offers a short get away from the bustle of city life. Enjoy walking around the lake, seeing traditional Chinese rounded bridges and groups of people dancing in sync to music.

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Shenzhen City Information & Tourist Destinations -4

Dameisha Beach

Head to one of the best beaches in Shenzhen with clean sand and blue water. Look up at the 30ft angel sculptures as you go for a swim.

Wutong Mountain

Hike two hours up to the top of Wutong Mountain to enjoy the views from the peak. Take the small trails away from the concrete route to hike by the rivers and dams.

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Interesting facts

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Indigenous to China, Shenzhen is famous for their sweet peaches and are grown throughout Nanshan District. Buy peaches from street vendors in December to January!

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China's Richest City

Shenzhen is much cheaper than Hong Kong, but still allows you to live a cheap or lavish lifestyle, if you wish to do so. Public transport however stays the same across China, so you can still travel around the city very cheaply.

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Being on the southern coast of China, expect the winter months of December and January to get no colder than 12°C/54F with summer months being an enjoyable 35°C/95F, perfect for the beach on summer vacation.

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