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The international conglomerate of China.

SN Mandarin

SN Mandarin, founded in 2007, offers private 1-1 classes (on & off line), Semester based Chinese programs and corporate Chinese training.

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Mandarin Morning

A member of the International Society for Chinese Language, Mandarin Morning targets the HSK examination sets it’s 7,000 registered students. 

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Founded in 2006, Reach Home integrate with over 300 property developers, aiming to offer a personal service for you to find the right living location. 

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Who's Shanghai for?

Shanghai is the New York, London and Paris of China. With a population of 24 million, 2 international airports, and the globe’s largest metro system, this modern city is fast becoming one of the world’s top fashion capitals. Whether you’re into fashion, Chinese culture, European influence, or a serious foodie, Shanghai has it all. Use the metro system to get you from the French Concession to your Michelin star restaurant for the evening. Or wander the hustling, bustling streets of Shanghai and marvel how one city can take you to New York, Europe, and China without leaving the city. Find a beautiful park and watch Kung Fu, Tai Chi practitioners share their craft with the passerby’s, read a book with the sound of distant Chinese instruments in the background and to closeout the evening take a trip to the world famous Shanghai skyline. Shanghai is for any English Teacher that enjoys the culture of China mixed with western city life. Enjoy the bright lights, restaurants from around the world and the fast-paced life you can’t get anywhere else in China.​

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The Sights of Shanghai

The sights of Shanghai are forever changing, as the largest city of China it constantly adds new high-rises to it’s expanding cityscapes, international influences to its culture and new technologies to cope with being the largest city by population.

Nanjing Road

One of the world’s busiest shopping streets, Nanjing road has everything you could wish for. Go here at night to see everything lit up by the bright shop signs.

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French Concession

From the world music festival held in the centre, to the best bagels you can find in Shanghai, the French concession brings to you back to Europe and allows you to experience all the different European food in the heart of Shanghai.

The Bund Skyline

Running along the western bank of the Huangpu River, the skyline is quiet possibly the most famous tourist attraction in Shanghai. Be sure to visit on any clear night to really appreciate amazing high-rises colorfully lit up.

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Interesting facts

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UFC debuted Shanghai in late November 2017 in the Mercedes Benz Stadium, hosting 183,000 spectators.

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Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret Fashion show was hosted in Shanghai 2017 for the first time, with an attendance of 18,000 people!

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Shanghai Masters

The Shanghai Masters is hosted at the Qizhong Forest Sports City Arena in mid-October, and has hosted tennis stars such as Roger Federer.

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