Living in Hangzhou

“Heaven on Earth” – Marco Polo

Housing Plus

Housing Plus are a dedicated real estate agent in Hangzhou, offering extensive support to corporate and individual client, and to newcomers or local expats as well.

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Free Tongue Mandarin

Founded in 2013, Free Tongue Mandarin is for individuals or groups, students preparing for their HSK exams or wanting to learn daily conversation skills.

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Who's Hangzhou for?

Hangzhou has a vast variety of culture, differentiating itself vastly district to district. You can hike anywhere with Etravel Club, experience the glitz and glam by citizen center or spend a leisurely weekend strolling through the ever-changing urban landscapes.

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The Sights of Hangzhou

The sights of Hangzhou are endless, with new and interesting experiences on every corner. Take a stroll from any of the expanding metro lines. With a fake Venice at the bottom of line one, and a fake Paris at the top, Hangzhou offers English teachers enough sights to see for a few years.

West Lake

Walk the trails, see the pagodas and explore every restaurant at this beautiful man-made lake. Visit West Lake at 7pm every evening to see the fantastic water fountain show.

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Hangzhou City Information & Tourist Destinations -3

Wuzhen Water Town

A short hour drive away from the centre, Wuzhen water town mixes old city life with modern conveniences. Pay 100RMB to visit.

Longjing Tea Fields

Longjing, the hub of Chinese tea is famous for it’s fields. Just below West Lake, this hillside location offers endless views of tea fields surrounding an ancient village.

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Interesting facts

A parked train

Old train station

Pulled down in 1997, Hangzhou’s old train station remains a tourist attraction. Visit it just below West Lake and before the Qiantang River.

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heaven on earth

Marco Polo, a famous Venetian traveler was overwhelmed by the beauty of Hangzhou in the 13th century, calling it “heaven on Earth”.

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Silk city

Opening in 1987, Hangzhou now has dedicated streets solely for the sale of luxurious Hangzhou made silk.

Clarissa Filipowicz - English Teacher
“Living and Working in Hangzhou”

" Living in a city like Hangzhou is very different and quite unexpected; from the beautiful, lit up skyline consisting of buildings of varying shapes and architecture to the assembly of greenery and colorful flowers lining the clean, kept roads of Hangzhou. Loving food as much as I do, it’s comforting to know that Hangzhou has such an array of different restaurants catering to different types of cuisine dotted throughout its’ city. Hangzhou has a lot to offer; a lively night scene, beautiful sky rises, people from all corners of the world bonding over work and adventure. Working as an ESL teacher can have its challenges, but I’ve learned that it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it or to realize that teaching can be quite fun for you and the students. I’ve learned that when you have fun teaching your lessons so do your students, after that work doesn’t seem like work at all."

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