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Chinese Embassys

The best method to get accurate information about legally working as a teacher in China is to go straight to the Chinese Embassy website of your country. They’ll be able to provide you with up to date information and allow you to avoid third-party interpretations. Everything is English, with (usually) a quick response time from employees of the respective embassy, if you choose to email them.

Teacher of the Year 2017-2018

‘Teacher of Year’ Mark Thaxter earns this prestigious award on his enthusiastic and creative contribution to the global study of the English Language.


Legal requirements for coming to China can change depending on your country of residence, and over time. We recommend that you first visit your government’s website to get the most relevant information and be sure to check when it was uploaded. Working legally in China is of utmost importance, and we recommend following the correct legal process throughout to guarantee your stay here in China.

For legal information that we, and our teachers have put together, please refer to the links provided.


Being a teacher in China, you’ll have the opportunity to understand a variety of curriculums Chinese schools use to educate their students. We’ve written a short synopsis of the four major curriculums you may experience in China.

Teacher of the Year 2018-2019

‘Teacher of Year’ Gerhard Opperman earns HiredinChina’s 2018-2019 award for his growth mindset and coming out of a difficult environment.

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Popular Cities in China

As a teacher in China, the world is your oyster when choosing a city that fits your personality. Do you like hiking? Do you want to be by the sea, in an urban city, experience international cuisine, or focus on developing your mandarin by being completely immersed in a Tier 3 city? 

We’ve put together a short list of city information guides to the most popular cities in China to teach in.

Teacher's Experiences

View first-hand, unedited stories, top-tips and other useful information from teachers in China. 

Learning Teacher’s Experiences can be an invaluable tool to learn about what type of teaching position would best suit your personality. Click through each short story to learn more about teaching.

Do you want to look at photos by teachers? Click here to see the snaps they’ve collected over the years.