What's it like living in CHina?

We’re here to help. To find out the legal stages for coming to China and a bit more about what it’s like to live here, use the information below to make your journey to China that little bit easier.


Alongside your TEFL and possibly your well-earned teaching experience, having a reliable source of teaching resources can save you time and help you become a more confident teacher. We’ve combined a variety of teaching resources, from managing the classroom, how to teach phonics all the way to hundreds of flashcards ready to print.

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Cost of Living

Legal requirements for coming to China can change depending on your country of residence, and over time. We recommend that you first visit your government’s website to get the most relevant information and be sure to check when it was uploaded. Working legally in China is of utmost importance, and we recommend following the correct legal process throughout to guarantee your stay here in China.

For legal information that we, and our teachers have put together, please refer to the links provided.

Teacher of the Year 2017-2018

‘Teacher of Year’ Mark Thaxter earns this prestigious award on his enthusiastic and creative contribution to the global study of the English Language.

HiredinChina Images – Teacher of the Year Mark Thaxter

Teacher of the Year 2018-2019

‘Teacher of Year’ Gerhard Opperman earns HiredinChina’s 2018-2019 award for his growth mindset and coming out of a difficult environment.

HiredinChina Images – Teacher of the Year Mark Thaxter

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