How to use the metro system in China

As you experience the conveniences China has to offer, one of the main things you want to utilise is the air-conditioned, clean, and safe underground metro systems the majority of cities have. China has vastly urbanised populations all living in dense sky rises. Therefore, to help reduce the traffic on the road and to provide a cheap and on-time service to the citizens, they have a vast network of Metro systems that can allow you to travel across the city. In this page, we will go through how you can get access to the Metro and the key differences you might find when using a Metro in China compared to another country.

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How can I access the Metro system In China?

At the time of writing, most Metropolitan underground transportation systems offer the use of Alipay or WeChat pay to provide their citizens quick access onto the platforms. Currently Shanghai requires you to either purchase a single use card or a personal card from which you can continuously top up. One of the fantastic benefits of having Alipay or WeChat setup is that it allows you to use a QR code from your phone to be scanned by the machine as you are entering. You will not need to queue for a ticket, nor will you need to remember the amount that is on your personal card. When purchasing a ticket, however, be sure to bring coins and be aware that there is an option to view the user interface in English as well. If you don’t know where you’re going, there are typically two to three people sat in a booth from which you can communicate with them and they will be able to advise you how to go to that location. Be aware that your bags will be scanned via the xray machines for every time you enter the Metro system.

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How are escalators used for metros in China?

Culturally the Metropolitan underground transportation systems are used as a means of fast and safe transportation. With this combined with the large dense populations means that the Metropolitan systems are frequently busy. You may find yourself squashed in the Metro with sometimes little space. When using the escalators, unlike London, people do not stand on the right-hand side and walk quickly on the left. Everyone uses the escalators the same and just stands.

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