How can i translate my documents in China?

Kingstar can engage in a variety of multilingual translations that can assist you to get your documentation legally translated. They are an organisation that specialises and has its core business focus to offer translation services. They are not a group of people who happen to speak both English and Chinese but can offer more professional, tailored services. With being frequently asked for translation services and recommendations we at HiredinChina are delighted to offer the services from Kinstar to assist you with your translation requirements.

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Who are Kingstar?

Kingstar offers at three-tiered translation service for languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Russian, and other languages if you require. Please view the table below to understand the costs involved for the translations:





English→ Chinese




Chinese→ English




Japanese, Korean →Chinese




Chinese→ Japanese, Korean




German, French, Russian→ Chinese




Chinese→ German, French, Russian




Other Language→ Chinese




Chinese→ Other Language




1. Common: including degree certificate, academic certificate, academic or professional transcript, Certificate of No Criminal Conviction, health certificate, business Letter, etc.
2. Technical: including academic papers, scientific literature, patent specification, etc.
3. Contracts: including employment contract, agreements, annual reports of listed companies, diplomatic document, etc.

1. Words Calculation: according to the number of words displayed in the Word file of the manuscript. Manuscripts with less than 500 words are counted as 500, and materials with more than 500 words are calculated by actual words
2. If there are more than 10,000 words (including 10,000), it shall be negotiated, and a translation contract shall be signed.
3. The processing of table, formula and picture in the manuscript shall be charged a certain fee as appropriate.
4. The expedited manuscript will be charged 20 ~ 100% expedited fee according to the time urgency.
5. Certificate type: The cost is calculated according to the number of copies, 150 yuan per piece.

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Words from Kingstar

“Our professional translators all possess in-depth knowledge in the sources and target languages as well as the relevant specialist field. A firm grasp of current language usage is also vital in producing an accurate yet proficient translation. Our translators always translate from the source language contents and transform them into their native, thus mother tongue languages according to their field of expertise. To ensure that translations which are to be published have been formulated as accurately and as close to the source language as possible, we also offer a proofreading and editing service.”

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