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HiredinChina is proud to work with Etravel Club to provide teachers in Hangzhou the opportunity to explore more of China than one could alone. Etravel Club, founded in 2015, have years of experience planning trips, organising hikes, and know a vast variety of locations, with something for everyone. They are professional, timely and most importantly, friendly people who truly love the outdoors and providing a great experience.

Etravel Club organises everything from 24km hikes over 9 mountain peaks, all the way to a relaxing spa day, or a short bus journey to see the local panda conservation. You can go rafting, walk on glass bridges, kayak or simply enjoy the hot springs. Etravel Club have been to all the places they have to offer, learned about what the location and then determined it is an interesting option for others to visit. They’ll teach you about the location in English, allow you to take some pictures and encourage you to make new friends and exchange WeChat IDs. The best part about this organisation is that they’re not a traditional travel company. Etravel Club has a very local feel, and the places they will take you to are developing or underdeveloped. This brings a great cultural exposure and allows you to see a variety of communities in different developing states.

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One Day Journeys

Explore somewhere close to Hangzhou with no more than two hours of commuting to the location of your choice. Meet the team and join the private hired tour bus to begin your journey at Fenqi Road Metro Station, with all the other enthusiastic people awaiting to begin their day. These trips are usually around 200RMB, include tickets to enter the location and have an English tour guide to teach you about the location. Expect to come back in the late afternoon at Fenqi Road Metro Station, say goodbye to all the new friends you have made and arrive home wondering what Etravel Club are doing next weekend.

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Two to Five Day Journeys

These locations are the iconic places, the places that should be on everyone’s to-do list whilst here in China. There are the big mountains to hike (Huangshan, Huashan, WuGong), the famous cities to visit (Suzhou, Shanghai, Xi’an, Harbin) and the scary glass bridges to walk across. If the location is within a five our drive, a private bus will most likely be the method of transport, allowing you to see the vast differences in China, the large country sides and hilly villages. Otherwise, Etravel Club will help you book flights or a train, arrange a pickup location in the city, the hotel/farmhouse and an English tour guide. Expect these trips to cost from 350RMB to 2,000RMB depending on the location and costs involved for the team.

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Tibet – from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp

With the Tibet once-in-a-lifetime experience, you’ll get to see so much culture and history in this tailor-made tour. Etravel Club have a vast amount of experience providing people with this journey and have thus selected only the most interesting and rewarding places to visit. You will go to a myriad of holey chapels, monasteries and temples, visit monks, view beautiful grasslands and lakes and of course, see Mt. Everest. There is no shopping on this tour, groups are a maximum of 12 people and you’ll have a local expert who speaks English to provide you with all the need-to-knows on your journey. Etravel Club have planned absolutely everything on this journey, so all you’ll need to do is rock-up with your favourite walking shoes, a camera and let them take you from one interesting location to the next.

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Health & Safety

With the opportunity to be lost higher than the possibility of being injured with Etravel Club’s carefully selected locations, both a WeChat group is created, and a local expert is employed (for the longer trips). WeChat allows for free communication over the internet, plus real-time location sharing. This combined with the local expert (who could run your 18km long-distance hike if they wanted to) ensures that everyone takes the correct route and doesn’t get into any navigation trouble before sunset. Etravel Club also always stay at the back of the group, helping anyone who may struggle with the more difficult journeys. If someone, unfortunately, does get injured, the Etravel Club team does carry a first-aid bag that has bandages, Ethanol, Haemostatic plasters, and gels to stop bleeding for small injuries. However, to reduce the probability of this happening, you will find all the recommended clothing prior to the journey on their subscription account.

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Seasonality is a large consideration when travelling on the weekends, and it’s important to consider the activities you are doing. Temperatures can range from -36°C /-33°F to 40°C /104°F in China. For the summer, most of the trips involve rafting, swimming, water parks, trekking through rivers and kayaking trips down some beautiful rivers and remote locations. For the winter, these are geared towards skiing, going to the hot springs and hiking the large mountains.

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QR Code – ETravel Club

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That is fantastic news! Not speaking Chinese is great for your students, as you will be able to immerse them in English more. We’ve also put together an Essential Mandarin Guide, and Benefits For Learning Mandarin when you’re exploring.