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Since the first kindergarten was founded in 1993, Chengdu Private Preschool Education Group has had over 20 years' development history and become one of the most powerful professional group in western area specialized in 2- 6 years old preschool education, 1- 3 years early year education and child surviving experience. It is a holdings company controlled by Chengdu Private Education Investment (Group) Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Private Preschool Education Group now is running 20 Infant-preschool Transition Centre, 40 wholly-owned kindergartens with over ten thousand enrolment children and 3000 teaching staff. There are nine Level-1 departments in the Head Office to support kindergartens high-quality development with remarkable management strength, including Preschool Education Research Centre, International Education Exchange Centre, Human Resources Centre, Logistics Management Centre, Administrative Management Centre, Healthcare Centre, Career Development Centre, Planning & Promotion Centre, and Information Technology Centre.

Since its establishment, they have won nearly 1,000 national and provincial awards both collectively and individually, published hundreds of papers and essays in periodicals like Studies in Preschool Education, Early Education, Preschool Education, Shanghai Nursery and Kindergarten etc., and won thousands of prizes in papers and thematic activity contests held at national, provincial, municipal and district levels. Integrating over 20 years of practices and research results, Preschool Education Research Centre has worked with international early year education experts and universities to publish a series of books, such as Kindergarten Integrated Education Activity Plan, Children Activity Materials Package, I'm Going to School, Hello Percy etc.

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