About Chengdu Private Kindergarten

Since the first kindergarten was founded in 1993, Chengdu Private Preschool Education Group has had over 20 years' development history and become one of the most powerful professional group in western area specialized in 2- 6 years old preschool education, 1- 3 years early year education and child surviving experience. It is a holdings company controlled by Chengdu Private Education Investment (Group) Co., Ltd.
Chengdu Private Preschool Education Group now is running 20 Infant-preschool Transition Centre, 40 wholly-owned kindergartens with over ten thousand enrolment children and 3000 teaching staff. There are nine Level-1 departments in the Head Office to support kindergartens high-quality development with remarkable management strength, including Preschool Education Research Centre, International Education Exchange Centre, Human Resources Centre, Logistics Management Centre, Administrative Management Centre, Healthcare Centre, Career Development Centre, Planning & Promotion Centre, and Information Technology Centre.

Since its establishment, We have won nearly 1,000 national and provincial awards both collectively and individually, published hundreds of papers and essays in periodicals like Studies in Preschool Education, Early Education, Preschool Education, Shanghai Nursery and Kindergarten etc., and won thousands of prizes in papers and thematic activity contests held at national, provincial, municipal and district levels. Integrating over 20 years of practices and research results, Preschool Education Research Centre has worked with international early year education experts and universities to publish a series of books, such as Kindergarten Integrated Education Activity Plan, Children Activity Materials Package, I'm Going to School, Hello Percy etc. Under the guidance of Professor Zhu Jiaxing, famous educator, vice-chancellor of China Preschool Education Research Committee, and professor of Preschool and Special Education College of East China Normal University, Chengdu Private Kindergarten worked with college experts to republish textbooks, including Multi-intelligence DIY (Infant, Preschool, Kindergarten1, Kindergarten2), Happy Math (Stage, Stage2, Stage3), Little Researcher, I'm Going to Primary School—Language Intelligence, I'm Going to Primary School—Mathematics Logic Intelligence, and PAT Early Education Plan. We've also cooperated with ESL experts to compile English and Chinese textbooks, learning materials, and notebooks, such as (Hello Daisy), (Hello Daisy (English Learning Set)), Guide of Kindergarten Readiness, Children Health Observation Manual, My Daily Life, and other manuals for family-school communication. We've also joined hands with Longjiang Road Primary School (South Area) and Chengdu Private Primary School to compile a series of materials for family education consultation, like Guide of Primary School Readiness.

Management Team
Our leading team, consisting of experts from the world, is united, professional and knowledgeable. With their guidance, the company is capable of taking a leading role in the industry and always seeking to go beyond ourselves. Under the leadership of our principals and directors who have abundant educational and management experience, the scientific-educational management system and the system operation procedure are ensured.

Success Highlights
• A member of UNESCO Beijing
• The first childhood education corporation in China to pass ISO9001 (2000) quality system certification
• National non-government education association of specialized committee unit for preschool education
• The most popular preschool education brand in China
• Member Corporation of Tao Xingzhi study Association of China
• National Thematic Experimental Base Kindergarten
• First Montessori Teacher Training Centre in South-western China Certified by China Education Association
• A model kindergarten in Sichuan province
• An advanced unit of non-government funded education in Sichuan
• A model kindergarten for teachers’ further education and training base in Sichuan province
• A model kindergarten in Sichuan province
• An advanced unit for management of foreign affairs in Chengdu
• A level prestige unit of exit & entry administration division of Chengdu
• Demonstrator unit of security system Chengdu PSB
• Montessori Teacher Accreditation Centre
• Kindergarten Principal Training confer Authorised by the Department of Education
• Over 100 Outstanding unit awards and advanced individual awards at national, provincial municipal, and district levels
• First, second and third prize in provincial, municipal and district Professional evaluation ( quality class, creation of an environment, game, and teacher teaching skills cooperation)
• Over 100 papers, investigation reports, experience summary and educational essays have won awards at national, provincial, municipal and district levels
• First place in physical examination among all nurseries and kindergartens in Chengdu for 10 years running
• First prize of preschool swimming group competition for 3 years running and the first prize of individual freestyle for 2 years running
• Sponsor of the 12th Sichuan international children art exhibition
• First prize, second prize and third prize at Chengdu 'children' s English competition
• Children' s dance troupe won the top honour award in China- Hong Kong cultural exchange
• Special award and first prize m Sichuan final competition of CCTV children' s dance TV art contest
• Children have been provided opportunities participate in cultural exchange in Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore and study abroad for many times
• On behalf of other preschool education institutions inside and outside Sichuan province, the group has received leaders from the central ministries and commissions, provincial departments and municipal departments for inspection, supervision and visits
• The group has also received leaders and professional educational groups from the united states, Canada, Germany, Spain, Holland, Singapore, New Zealand, etc
• The group has interviews with Le Monde, Japan’s NHK TV Station, Korea's MBC TV Station, CCTV, Hong Kong’s Phoenix TV and other worldwide media

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