About HiredinChina

Our Goal

As a Hangzhou based recruitment organisation, our goal is to connect talented teachers to teaching positions directly to schools across China, whilst providing fair, honest and transparent support.

Our Aims

We aim to place teachers in carefully selected positions throughout the education spectrum. So whether a teacher wants to work in a Kindergarten entertaining children whilst introducing English at the start of their educational journey, or wants to aid High School students to pass their English proficiency test and be ready for university, we aim to find the right position for every teacher.

What services does HiredinChina provide?

We know that moving to China and relocating is a scary thing to do as there are lots of variables. Therefore, our services aim to meet these problems:

  1. We will help all teachers find an apartment and see it before they come to China
  2. We work closely with SAFEA (State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs), making sure every step of an English teacher’s journey is 100% legal and they are fulfilling the latest Chinese government requirements
  3. We will provide advice for the most useful phone applications to download to make ordering food, banking, paying and using the transport system easy and simple.
  4. We aim to understand the type of teaching position and city that will make teachers happy. Whether that’s working by a beach, close to hiking trails or in a big urban city that has lots of international food to try.
  5. We work with the school of your choosing, ensuring they are following the correct steps to accommodate and support you whilst you are teaching.
  6. We also consistently create content on our website, that provides guidance when completing legal processes, advises on cities to teach in and has lots of useful information to help for both coming to and living in China

Transferring your work permit for year 2 – the complexities and how HiredinChina helps

We aid in work permit transferals, helping teachers move freely from one English teaching position to another. This currently isn’t a legal requirement from the Chinese government, and most agencies do not cooperate, especially if the teacher is moving to a competitor down the road. This would mean a trip back home to start the application process from the beginning. However, we secure this availability contractually with the schools we work with, ensuring they will cooperate completely to allow for a smooth and happy transition.

Contact Us

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  • (44) 7407488773