About HiredinChina

Founded in 2018, HiredinChina is a UK based specialist staffing agency within the international education sector in Mainland China. With relationships with over 250 schools, in more than 50 unique locations, HiredinChina places many candidates into their dream teaching positions every year.

We strive to be the recruitment partner of choice for schools across Mainland China, who demand success through enthusiastic and motivated teachers. We are here to provide support and value to the teachers we work with and schools at every stage of the hiring process. 

Since starting, we have built a strong reputation for providing high-quality, equal-opportunity recruitment service to schools across Mainland China. Through consistent hard work and a desire to continuously improve, we have gone through many iterations, with the aim of perfecting the services we offer. We offer full outsourcing so schools can trust us to qualify teachers before introducing them to their school.




Our Goal

At HiredinChina, our goal is to connect talented teachers to teaching positions directly to schools across China, whilst providing fair, honest and transparent support throughout the journey.

Our Aims

We aim to place teachers in carefully selected positions throughout the education spectrum. So whether a teacher wants to work in a Kindergarten entertaining children whilst introducing English at the start of their educational journey, or wants to aid High School students to pass their English proficiency test and be ready for university, we aim to find the right position for every teacher.

Our Values

  1. Equal Opportunities – To only consider teachers based on their qualifications and ability to legally teach in China
  2. Challenge – To challenge China’s societal norms of what makes a great teacher
  3. Community – To create a community of passionate teachers
  4. Educate – To share knowledge and support
  5. Exceptional – To only provide the best services

Our Featured Services

For Teachers

  1. Personalised Journeys to Finding the Right School from Kindergarten to University
  2. Full Support to Legally Working in China
  3. Continued Support Once You’ve Arrived
  4. Third-Party Arbitration for Any Problems That May Arise

For Schools

  1. High-quality Teachers qualified for a Z-VISA
  2. Database Accessible to Every School for Suitable Candidates
  3. Job Posting to our Website, Social Media and Other Jobs Boards for Free
  4. Succession Planning to Help Your School Grow

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